The price of books…

Since I closed down Infected Books and sold my novels to other publishers, strange things have been happening with the price of the original Infected Books editions. HATER, in particular, has been on sale for stupid amounts of cash since the movie was announced. There were copies listed on Amazon a couple of weeks ago for almost $1000!

I just wanted to say a couple of things. Firstly, HATER and its two sequels and the five AUTUMN books will be published gradually over the next few years. I’m also working on plans for TRUST and STRAIGHT TO YOU. Please don’t pay the kind of prices that some people are asking on the web unless a). you’re too damn rich for your own good or b). you’re a collector and you’re desperate to get your hands on first edition copies. 

Secondly, beware some of the listings on Amazon and similar websites. Infected Books used Print on Demand technology and it seems that many of the sellers listed on these sites are third parties or affiliated companies who have access to the printer’s digital catalogue. Unfortunately, these listings are out of date and it is physically impossible for any new orders made for Infected Books titles to be fulfilled.

I just don’t want anyone getting ripped off. I’d rather people waited a little longer to read the books than lost out.

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  • Toni

    Thanks for the post regarding the price of books. I was absoltuly stunned when I wanted to buy Putrification and it was on sale for over 75£….

  • I know, Toni, it’s ridiculous. I’m really sorry for people like yourself who’ve been hit with this mid-series. It must be hugely frustrating. I can only repeat what I said in the post, please bear with me and wait a little longer. As soon as I have publication dates from the new publisher I’ll post them on the site.

  • Christopher Kasaba

    Hello Mr. Moody, I have the great pleasure of, and extreme gratitude for recieving Hater directly from you, through Authors Den in Feb. 08, in which you also personaly signed. Recently I actually have been offered $2000. for the book and the the signed promotional card. I turned him down because I felt it was wrong to sell it because I feel I am in the extreme minority in having a signed copy of such a sought after and scarce book. It is also one of my favorite books, and it just seems wrong to sell it no matter what the price offered. On the other hand… I am not a wealthy person, and if the price of this book and demand keep rising, I’m not sure I’d have the will power to hold out for much lomger. Either way I would like to thank you again for first, getting me the book which is nearly impossible to find, and secondly for you signing it. I wish you all the success in the world with your writting, and all the happiness one can hope for to you and your family. Your fan Chris.

    • Chris, thanks for your comment. I’m really pleased to hear how much you enjoyed Hater. I think a collector selling a first edition book at a profit is very different to the situation I was describing in my original post. $2000 is a crazy amount and I can understand why you’d be tempted! I think the value of the book will change when the new edition is released in February. It will either go one of two ways… either the sudden availability of copies will make the first edition less valuable (the initial print run will be around 50,000 copies in the US alone!) or, if the book’s a success, it’ll push the value of first editions up even further! Whatever happens, the most important thing is that you liked the story! Personally, I don’t care if my books sell for $1 or $1000 as long as people get a kick out of reading them! Thanks again for the comment, and have a happy New Year!!

  • Paul Fox

    Just to let you know that if you live in the UK it is still just about possible to get hold of the Autumn series of books as published by Infected Books, although not all first editions. I managed to get the four from the Waterstone’s Website but it did take a lot of phoning the individual stores and asking them to check their store rooms. My top tip would be to get them to physically check the shelves for you as they seem to have all of them listed on their computers as ‘Autumn’ with no subtitles. I only paid about £10 for each of them plus a few pounds P&P.

    PS: I think the books are fab and am so glad my wife pointed me towards this site after discovering it by chance whilst looking for Xmas gifts for her zombie fan hubby :-) I only wish she’d discovered it sooner!

  • Nikki

    I’m one of those lucky people who got hit by this significant Autumn series price increase mid series. I can hold out for the last two in the series since they’re a bit more disconnected, but is anyone in the States actually kind enough to lend me their copy of Purification via shipping (or pickup in ATL) or sell me theirs? An understandably odd question but when prices are in triple digits, it can make you do crazy things when you want to finish a series :)

    Can’t blame a girl for trying!


  • Deckard

    I managed to pick up a complete set of SIGNED, FIRST EDITIONS the other day for just over £100….sorry to brag but I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself!!
    A few months back I bought a signed (in 1996) STRAIGHT TO YOU…again, dead chuffed :) I like the brooding (moody haha) author pic at the back…DO NOT MESS OR ELSE lol