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Drop Dead Gorgeous

If you’ve already read HATER, you might remember the first scene which involves a very nasty attack by a character called Simmons. What you probably don’t know is that the attacker was named after Wayne Simmons, a long-time friend and supporter of my writing.

Wayne has just had his first novel released by Permuted Press, and I thought it was only right to make a bit of noise about it. Not only because he’s been shouting about my books for years, but also because DROP DEAD GORGEOUS is a damn good read. Here’s the publisher’s blurb to get you in the mood…

As tattoo artist Star begins to ink her first client on a spring Sunday morning, something goes horribly wrong with the world… Belfast’s hungover lapse into a deeper sleep than normal, their sudden deaths causing an unholy mess of crashing cars, smoldering televisions and falling aircraft. In the chaotic aftermath a group of post-apocalyptic survivors search for purpose in a devastated city. Ageing DJ Sean Magee and shifty-eyed Barry Rogan find drunken solace in a hotel bar. Ex-IRA operative Mairead Burns and RIR soldier Roy Beggs form an uneasy alliance to rebuild community life. Elsewhere, a mysterious Preacher Man lures shivering survivors out of the shadows with a promise of redemption. Choked by the smell of death, Ireland’s remaining few begin the journey toward a new life, fear and desperation giving rise to new tensions and dark old habits. But a new threat–as gorgeous as it is deadly–creeps slowly out of life’s wreckage. Fueled by feral hunger and a thirst for chaos, the corpses of the beautiful are rising…

DROP DEAD GORGEOUS is available from Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com and all other on-line stores now.

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  • Good to see you back in action David!

    one quick question, as all the Autumn novels are being released again does this mean we are going to have to wait another two years for the lnew autumn book to come out?

  • Not sure yet, Matt. I hope not. I'll be discussing release dates with the publisher shortly and will update the site as soon as I have any news.

  • I put drop dead gorgeous on my amazon wishlist last week, will bump it up the list, will get it for my birthday I think!

  • This isn't one of my books, but I'll contact Wayne and see if Permuted Press will be releasing ebook editions.