More TRUST news – early hardcover release and awesome reviews

No need for artists impressions any longer (see my previous post) – the limited edition hardcover of TRUST is on its way back from the printers and here’s a picture of the very first copy. It’s a thing of beauty. Pre-orders have been coming in at a great rate and there’s still time to purchase the book at a 10% discount: click here for more details. More good news for those who snagged a copy early – your books will be dispatched next week, a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.

Still not sure? Let Wayne Simmons try and persuade you: “Moody is selling TRUST as an anti-scifi book, and that’s pretty much what you’ve got here. Unlike a lot of contemporary scifi, this story is defiantly character-focused, and heartbreakingly accessible with it. It’s not Hollywood fodder. Think DISTRICT 9 as opposed to INDEPENDENCE DAY. I’ll stand by the word ‘epic’ to best describe this book. Because from gripping start to heart-pounding finish, this is a story that will shake you to the very core, resonating long after you’ve turned the final page. And there’s nothing more epic than that.

And I loved these words taken from an Amazon review by Chris Bowsman: “For the majority of the book it’s a slow burn, obviously building towards something. The payoff is immense, and once it gets going it’s like dozens of pages of falling down the stairs. Very highly recommended.

Wonderful words. Thanks to Wayne and Chris.

And finally, it’s just a short chapter today, but there’s more free TRUST to be had at

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