Chapter 25 of TRUST and a giveaway update

Chapter 25 of TRUST is now available to read at If you haven’t started reading the book yet, now’s the time to get into it. There’s a lot to cram in between now and the end of the world, sorry, year.

If you have read TRUST, then why not enjoy this great, spoiler-filled review of the novel from the excellent UK genre site, Geek Syndicate. “Forget the idea that this is an anti-science fiction novel. It has aliens in it and it’s a treatise on how the ordinary person copes when the world which they are familiar with changes beyond all recognition. In my mind, that makes it very simply, a very good science fiction novel.” Thanks to Ian J Simpson for the great write-up. The critical reaction to this book has genuinely blown me away.

And finally for this week, an update on the TRUST giveaway. The winners of the limited edition hardbacks and paperbacks have been chosen, I’m just waiting for the final couple to get back to me before I announce their names. If I haven’t heard from them by this time next week, I’ll pick replacements. So if you’re reading this, potential winners – get in touch!

Have a good weekend!

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