AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION – now available to order

autumn_human_conditionI’m very pleased to announce that AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION is now available to order from Infected Books. Weighing in at a whopping 49 stories/part-stories and around 158,000 words, it’s a fitting end to the AUTUMN series and I hope you enjoy it. The official release date is 1st July, but you can secure a copy of the trade paperback or limited edition hardcover now.


Signed and numbered and strictly limited to just 500 copies, the book comes in a beautiful Craig Paton designed jacket. Books will ship by 28th June. It’s likely these will go fast, so if you want to get your hands on a copy, please order one sooner rather than later. Either visit this page or use these links:

UK hardcover orders (£20 + £2 p&p) – click here

European hardcover orders (£20 + £4 p&p) – click here

Rest of World hardcover orders (£20 + £6 p&p) – click here

The paperback edition will be available online at all the usual retailers from 1st July. You can order a signed copy now direct from Infected Books by visiting this page or using the following links:

UK paperback orders (£10 + £1 p&p) – click here

European paperback orders (£10 + £3 p&p) – click here

Rest of World paperback orders (£10 + £4 p&p) – click here

DRM-free Kindle, Nook, iBook, and Kobo versions of the book will be available on 1st July (if not before). I’m trying something new with this release so you have as much choice/flexibility as possible. Basically, if you buy a print copy of the book, you’ll be entitled to download a complementary ebook version. Likewise, if you buy the ebook then decide you’d rather have had a paperback or hardcover, you’ll be able to buy one from Infected Books at a price discounted by the amount you paid for your original ebook. Sound good? There’s a little more about this scheme at this link.

I know this update has been a long time coming, and I apologise. Please check back in the coming days for more updates including a number of HUMAN CONDITION giveaways and competitions.

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  • Melissa Powley

    I’m going for my copy now!

  • Andre Thompson

    Is this different from the Autumn series that I’ve read?

  • Thomas Breckney

    Roll on pay day!

  • Eddie Melendez

    awesome!!! cant wait to read it

  • Wanda Pettigrew

    I’m a little confused. I have the book already from back in 2007. Is it coming out again?

  • Heather Lanfear Delvaux

    Just in the UK or can I order it from US?

  • Jami Sroka

    It’s short stories set in and featuring characters from the Autumn series we all know and love. There are NEW ones that weren’t in the ’07 book. Heather, there are links to order for the US!

  • Jami Sroka

    Lol I always end up doing that! Sorry, David! I swear I don’t mean to do it. I’m like ummm unpaid PR?

  • John Hodgert

    USA or UK ?

  • Monica Jaime

    Can US order too? :/

  • Monica Jaime

    Nvm I ordered my copy :D thanks!!!

  • Ashleigh Jane DeeDee Stubberfield

    Sooooo when’s the Haters movie coming out? ;)

  • Courtney Getty

    OMG I have waited so long for this book. You have my order :)

  • David Moody

    Thanks Jami!

  • David Moody

    I wish I knew… I’m asking for an update…

  • David Moody


  • David Moody

    It’s a new edition, Wanda – 50,000 words longer with a load of new stories.

  • John Clark

    Ordered, :) any news on aftermath hardback?

  • David Moody

    It’s a new edition of an older book, Andre. See this link for more information:

  • David Moody

    I’m waiting on Gollancz to sort out the final legalities (still). As soon as they sign off it’ll go into production.

  • John Clark

    Thanks David, Human condition will keep me going for a while :)

  • Rebecca Rumbold

    Just ordered my copy can’t wait. David Moody you’re the best!

  • Andrew Berry

    The Autumn series is great when you’re reading it. The film adaptation however is dreadful. My dad bought the DVD for me because I thought it would brilliant to watch. I turned it off 45 minutes into the film. I didn’t have the heart to tell my dad I didn’t like it. :-/

  • Wanda Pettigrew

    Great. I loved the old one so now I will have to get this one also

  • Jeremy Hendrikx

    Ordered my copy!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • Landon Buckelew

    Hmm, I didn’t receive the email alert, but luckily I saw this in time! Just ordered my copy. Will dedications be available for this one as well?

  • David Moody

    I know where you’re coming from, Andrew!

  • David Moody

    Got the order, thanks Landon. I’m playing catch-up here… the email hasn’t gone out yet, but will be sent shortly. No problem with dedications – let me know what you want it to say!

  • Landon Buckelew

    Excellent. Just a favorite quote from the book, same as the others. I might as well keep the entire series the same :-) Thanks David!

  • Andrew Berry

    The books are better than the film.

  • Cary Caldwell

    Got my order in, I’m really excited. If the real David Moody could sign mine I’ll be so happy here in the U.S.A. You have really entertained me over the past few years.

    • Cary Caldwell Thanks Cary. Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the books. I will definitely sign your book!