Richard Matheson (1926 – 2013)

I’m sure by now you’ll have heard the very sad news of the death of Richard Matheson. He was a true giant of the genre who had a long and varied career. He certainly had a huge impact on me, but I don’t think I realised how great that impact actually was until I stopped and looked back at all the times I’d encountered his work over the last thirty years or so. I put together a brief piece about him for This is Horror, which you can find here.

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  • Jonathan Richards

    Very sad news, amazing talent, I will never forget reading ‘I am Legend’ the first time, and so many other fantastic novels….

  • Derek Bartlett

    A true talent who will be missed. I’m actually tearing up.

  • Judi’n’Carol Imhoff

    ty.did not his work.

  • Andy Barrett

    I am Legend and Hell House are fantastic novels. Sad that another great writer has passed.

  • Paige Topinka

    Not going to hit “Like” on this one. My heI shall pay my respect by bowing my head to this “Great Lengend”. Born in Allendale NJ, close to where I currently reside. King saw something in Matheson and opened a window of opportunity to share Matheson’s creativity with us. For this, may we continue to appreciate and share his legacy for many years to come. Even when we have fallen to the grasp of death’s hand, knowing the we carried on the name of a “True Legend”. Rest in Peace R.M.

  • Andy Simpson

    I am Legend is my all time favourite book, he wrote some fantastic shorts stories as well.

  • Laurie Wain

    No I hadn’t heard that he had passed away. Some of the best books I have read were written by him not to mention all the episodes of The Twilight Zone that he wrote.