A new approach to ebooks

With the Infected Books release of AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION next week, I’m taking a new approach to ebooks. You see, I’m a big fan both of ebooks and traditional print editions. I love the physicality of ‘real’ books, but also appreciate the immediacy and portability of ebooks. What really, really annoys me is the lack of flexibility between the two, and also the inherent belief that when you make a purchase, you can only have one or the other.

There’s a slightly more detailed explanation of the approach I’m taking on this page, but here’s the briefest of summaries:

  1. If you buy a print edition of AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION, on the last page there’s a link you can follow to download a complementary ebook version.
  2. If you buy an ebook then decide you wish you’d bought the print version, click the link at the end of the ebook, enter a few details, and you’ll receive a voucher to the value of the ebook you bought, redeemable against the print version.

There are terms and conditions (there always are, aren’t there?) and they can be found here. I think this is a fairer way of doing things, and it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out in practice. I’d be interested to hear what folks think, so please let me have your thoughts…

isbn9781473201668And on the subject of ebooks, I thought now would be a good time to mention this:

On 10th October, Gollancz will release THE COMPLETE AUTUMN. It’s an ebook collection of all five original AUTUMN novels, available for Kindle, iBook and all other formats.

Priced at £19.99, it effectively means you get one of the novels free. If you’re in the UK and you haven’t yet read the series, this will be a great way of doing so!

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  • Anthony Cowin

    A great idea that could soon be the norm in ebook publishing.

  • MikaSaint

    Absolutely amazing idea. Although I’m not a fan of e-books because I love having a physical book collection and stuff, I understand that there ARE benefits of having a Kindle, so this’ll be awesome for others!

  • Tomas Martinez

    great idea… I’ll take advantage of this offer.

  • Chris McEwin

    Not only do you write great stories sir, you also come up with some pretty great ideas!

  • Barbara Myers

    I really like the idea of getting a credit toward the other version.

  • Jakkar

    Good call. I look forward to hearing how this is received.

  • Jonathan Lee

    I think it is an awesome idea. I buy vinyl records and a pretty common trend has been that when you buy the record you get a free digital download too.

  • Robin Beatty-Hillier

    I’ve been hoping that someone would figure this out!!!

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  • Mike Battaglia

    Amazon has the option on much of their music collection that allows you to buy the digital download and receive the CD in the mail. I really love that option and I bet it would work equally well with books. I wouldn’t mind having “Them or Us” on print either, considering I have the other two in paperback. (:

  • Volker Schönenberger

    Sounds like a good idea. I’m not into ebooks, would only think of buying a reader when going on a holiday trip in order to avoid too much weight because of too many books, but to be able to get the ebook when buying the print edition should be possible as it is often for buying music on vinyl.
    The autumn novels complete as one ebook – nice offer. Fortunately I have those five novels already – plus the extra “The Human Condition”. Great reading!

  • Glyn Pinhead Robertson

    Fantastic idea! I already own all copies in print and ebook but would wecome the new way of receiving a voucher or a complementary ebook download. Kudos Mr Moody!

  • Jeffrey Hayman

    Great, like this a lot , I’m an avid ebook read but sometimes like to own the book in print, looking forward to reading the last book have enjoyed the journey thank you

  • Owen Warburton

    I’ve often thought publishers are missing the trick with this. Most movies you buy on DVD or bluray come with a code for you to download a digital version. I only read on my kindle now but I do miss owning the actual book so would definitely start buying books again if it came with a free ebook version.

  • Tammy Grice

    Fantastic idea, all my autumn books are e books but I really wanted a signed hard copy for myself…now my e book collection will be complete :-D

  • Tim Brown

    Great idea. I’ve read print books and e books simultaneously in the past(mainly favored classics etc.) Takes a while to move your bookmark in the print one though!

  • StrangelyMade

    What a brilliant idea. and great to see that yet again an Author I like is actually thinking about his readers as people as opposed to just numbers on a royalty cheque.

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  • JeannineDeBellis

    Awesome idea. Sometimes I buy an ebook and find it so good I want to share it. Not always possible with all the lending ebook criteria. With this idea of yours it makes it possible. Also sometimes just the act of picking up a book is satisfying. Good luck I hope this catches on.