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World War Z and the Hater movie

I wanted to talk about WORLD WAR Z for a couple of reasons. A discussion of the film follows (stick around for a half hour video review from Mr Simmons and I) but, before that, I have a more personal reason to be interested.

For a long time I’ve thought that the immediate future of the zombie sub-genre would, to a large extent, hinge on the success or failure of the WWZ movie. It’s fair to say that after all the well-documented issues with budgets and scripts and reshoots etc., I don’t think anyone expected the success the film has had, nor for a sequel to have been greenlit so rapidly. That has to be a good thing, I think, and I’m hopeful that, as a result, Hollywood will have a renewed interest in large budget, zombie-style movies. I would say that… the HATER movie rights have just been re-optioned.

As an enjoyable, effects-laden, dumb old zombie flick, WWZ certainly delivered. As an adaptation of Max Brook’s novel, however, it failed on just about every level. But does that really matter? Looking at things from my perspective, with a film adaptation of Hater on the horizon, I can see two sides. Sure I’d like a fairly literal interpretation of my original story to be filmed, but I’d also like the publicity and sales that a more commercial movie would hopefully generate. I have to accept that such publicity and sales might come at the expense of the integrity of my story. As wrong as it might sound, at this stage in my career with mouths to feed and bills to pay and many projects in the pipeline but few under contract, if I’m honest I’d have to say I’d rather take the cash. With Guillermo del Toro still attached to Hater I’m happy to take that chance of course, and regardless of how any movie turned out, my original book would still be available. It’s not like it would disappear or be replaced. Despite his understandable frustrations with the filmmakers, I’m sure Max Brooks is more than happy with the thousands and thousands of people who’ve picked up his book because of the film…

Right, back to WWZ. Rather than write a long blog post, I’ll let Wayne and I do the talking.

If you’ve not yet read the book, I’d definitely recommend it. If you have and you’ve seen the film, what were your thoughts on the movie adaptation, and what are your hopes/fears for a Hater adaptation? I’d be really interested to hear them. Let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter etc.

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  • World War Z was too "sterile" (sort of). It follows a Hollywood Blockbuster Knitting Pattern which is exhausted since the 90s - Brad Pitt or any other actor saves the world. wow *yawn*. They did a "family friendly" mutilation of the (very good!) book to get more people into the cinemas. Please please please: DON'T do this to "Hater" !!! It is such a great story with 3dimensional characters with so much depth. It shows both sides and that's not usual. There is no line between good and bad. I think this is the most important and difficult thing to transport into the movie.

  • No matter what the outcome of the movie. I will support it. The reason is because even if this isn't your design, it is your vision. With that vision, I really enjoyed the first two books. It was one of the best zombie reads i've had. I need my "them or us" fix, to finish.
    David Moody, this is only the beginning.

  • My biggest pet peeve with this film is that it is named World War Z. I would hope that whoever makes an adaptation of Hater, they at least make some attempt at being faithful to the story. WWZ is a decent action horror movie, despite the lack of an R rating and the expansion of content that would earn that rating. By calling it WWZ, the filmmakers guaranteed a couple of things, first that they would receive brand recognition; and second that no one would be able to make a faithful recreation of Max Brooks excellent book. I would truly hope that this isn't the case with Moody's story.

  • Thanks to everybody for the comments so far. I've really appreciated reading them. I hope to have some more news on the Hater movie in the coming weeks, and will post just as soon as I hear anything. For what it's worth, I agree with everyone who mentioned a TV adaptation of either the Hater or Autumn books. That's something I'd love to see. Thanks again and watch this space!

  • read the book long before they thought of the movie and you'd never know it was a film adaptation if they hadn't called it world war z.

  • Guillermo del Toro is great and Ive seen some of his movies and i like them BUT... I would like the movie to be British, not American. I think a good British director, or at least a British point of view,  would really capture more of the essence of Hater than just the "Oh so big shallow show" we get from 99% of American movies. And yes, whoever makes it, please let the movie be faithful to the book!!!

  • You guys never talked about the Pepsi :P Hoping they make Hater into a movie. Its one of my favorite books!

  • I know, Carmen - we realised afterwards. It was a scene at the end of the movie, the most blatant (and offensive) product placement I can remember seeing in a film. Brad avoids the zombie hordes, and stops for a refreshing drink, making sure he holds the label so we can all see it clearly (except here in the UK, where it was CGI'd out!). It really was a horrible scene.