I’m on a mission to work my way through as many post-apocalyptic movies as I can and report back here with my thoughts (check out the tag Post-Apocalyptic Movie Club). This week a recommendation from reader Paige Topinka – 2011 indie horror, THE DAY.

TheDay.jpgHere’s a brief synopsis snatched from IMBDA group of five people working to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic future discover what they think is a safe, abandoned farmhouse, but they soon find themselves fighting to stay alive as a gang of bloodthirsty predators attack. And I’ll keep my thoughts equally brief, because that’s pretty much all there is to it.

I’m on the fence with this one… whilst I thought it looked the part (definite muted shades of the movie adaptation of The Road) and it established an interesting (and interestingly vague) post-apocalyptic world, the performances were pretty standard and the story felt frustratingly linear, very much by-the-numbers. I read elsewhere that the film is part of a planned trilogy, and I’m interested enough by this first part to want to know how the story pans out.

All in all, though, I found THE DAY to be entertaining, but nothing special. It’s filmed with a very grey, washed out and grimy colour palette with occasional flashes of colour, and that really summed the movie up for me: relatively formulaic, but with very definite hints that there’s much more to be seen in this rain-soaked, dying world.

The film’s available now on DVD and Blu-ray. UK folks can stream THE DAY on Lovefilm and I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Any PA films you’d like to recommend? Please let me know. And thanks again to Paige for the tip!

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  • Martyn Hodge

    I enjoyed Carriers, same kind of theme. Post apocalyptic road movie

  • Kerry Leigh Kowalski

    The trailer for The Day looks like my kind of film. I think 28 Days Later is one of my favourites.

  • Sandra Levesque

    Road Warrior… Mad Max is epic!

  • Laurie Wain

    End of the World is a little known Canadian film that I liked. I think I have probably seen most post-apocalyptic movies, On the Beach is also a good one as is The Road, Day After Tomorrow, 28 days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Last Man on Earth. There are a lot of decent ones. I hope someone else posts so I can possibly find some I haven’t heard of. I still have not seen Autumn, can ‘t find a copy to watch.

  • Jaros?aw Igor Gdeczyk

    Mad Max from years at place no 1. Waterworld no 2. A Brooks junior fresh look into matter at WW Z.

  • John Callaghan

    The Road. One of the few movie adaptations that did the book justice.

  • Calum Chalmers

    ’28 days later’ always up top but ‘the crazies’ and ‘dawn of the dead’ always worth another watch

  • M.c. O’Neill

    Recently, “Hellacious Acres.”

  • Michael Lomas

    The Road. I liked World War Z. I am Legend. 28 Days Later. Dawn of the Dead. Book of Eli was alright.

  • Dave Eccles

    Planet of the Apes remains an all-time favourite with me.

  • M.c. O’Neill

    The original, yeah? Ever read the book?

  • Dave Eccles

    Here’s Autumn.

  • Dave Eccles

    Monkey Planet, by Pierre Boulle? I have, yeah :)

  • M.c. O’Neill

    Is it true that instead of the Statue of Liberty, the guy finds the Eiffel Tower?

  • Laurie Wain

    Wow, thanks a lot. I have wanted to watch it for a while now, There is my Saturday nights entertainment done!!!

  • Julie Whan

    Doomsday and A Boy and His Dog.

  • Bobby Cooper

    Dawn of the Dead 2003 version
    But i must say,The Road is soo BLEAK!! I cant watch it much lol

  • Dave Eccles

    No, that doesn’t happen in the book, Mark. It’s the story of a couple floating in space who find a manuscript, a “message in a bottle”, which is the story as told by Ulysse Mérou (the equivalent of Heston’s Taylor in the movie). There are no statues at all, lol.

  • M.c. O’Neill

    Okay. “Loosely based.” I see.

  • Dave Eccles

    I messaged you a spoiler, lol :)

  • Laurie Wain

    The Last Man on Earth is actually the first movie made from the book I am Legend then there was Omega Man which is the 2nd adaptation. But honestly none come close to the book.

  • Tommy Davidson

    Hell comes to Frogtown

  • Wayne Simmons

    Didn’t even know there was a book! This whole series was a childhood favourite of mine, though. Great stuff.

  • Paul Mannering

    Recently, “State of Emergency” a really clever, but simple film.

  • Dave Lightfoot

    Gonna go a bit out there and suggest a JCVD film. But Cyborg has a great apocalyptic feel to it. Great backdrops and a chilling soundtrack.

  • Dave Eccles

    It was written the year I was born – 1963.

  • Dave Lightfoot

    Seriously, watch it. You’ll be surprised.

  • M.c. O’Neill

    Yeah, Planet of the Apes is based off a French novel.

  • Andy Barrett

    Has to be the Quiet Earth. Very underrated film.

  • M.c. O’Neill

    Did he not write “Barbarella” as well? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Dave Eccles

    La Planète des singes.

  • Dave Eccles

    I believe that was Jean-Claude Forest.

  • M.c. O’Neill

    Right! All those French names. They blur to my American ears. LOL!

  • M.c. O’Neill

    Both are excellent tales.

  • M.c. O’Neill

    Shoot, I should get both off Amazon now. Just got paid.

  • Dave Eccles

    They are, and both great screen adaptations.

  • M.c. O’Neill

    Yes. Vadim was a great director.

  • Dave Eccles

    English versions, of course!

  • M.c. O’Neill


  • Dave Eccles

    And also Jane Fonda’s husband at the time, lol

  • M.c. O’Neill

    That’s right!

  • Corey Redekop

    12 Monkeys for me, and Children of Men if it counts.

  • Scatoma Caserole

    Ya but the book didn’t have Mike Patton doing creature sound fx.

  • Piper Mejia

    I loved the postman as a book – hated the movie.

  • Kenneth Dysinger

    Quintet with paul newman. A.I. is another. but the quiet earth is a old time favorite.

  • Dave Jeffery

    Many have already flagged my favourites but couldn’t see A Boy and His Dog mentioned …

  • Jay Cooper

    Classics like A Boy and His Dog, A Quiet Earth, Threads and The Day After. Modern movies that have been pretty effective have been Stakeland, Exit Humanity, The Divide and Hell.

  • Glenn Atkinson

    The Road, The Postman

  • Glenn Atkinson

    Oh and “Threads”

  • William Fred Ball

    Stepping back for a broader view one could ask why so many apocalyptic, secret government/corporation/rich people/computers controlling the world, invaders from space, vampires, zombie movies… True, film makers, business people like to feed our fears but why so many of these films? In the 50’s and a couple of years in the 60’s, On The Beach being more the most cerebral of the bunch, the theme centred on the results of a nuclear war. With such a plethora of movies feeding on our fears, one could ask ‘Just what is it we truly feared? What, in the deep recesses of our minds, the place we deny even exist, what are these movies feeding upon?

  • Cher Stacy

    Although its a comedy, I would say Shaun of the Dead. My second choice would be WaterWorld.

  • David Moody

    Thanks everyone for the excellent suggestions here, much appreciated. Some I hadn’t heard about, so I’ll definitely be looking those up shortly. Fantastic. And William Fred Ball – you pose a very interesting question which merits further thought/discussion. Watch this space!

  • Martyn Hodge

    This one slipped my mind, Found it realy intense as the landscapes go on forever and the zombies just keep coming

  • Roy Young

    Dave…There’s a TV film from the 1970’s I have fond memories of from when i was a kid…its called Where Have All The People Gone…it was quite chilling, mankind has been wiped out everyone turned to dust apart from a few survivors. Also I suppose The Matrix.

  • Laurie Wain

    I think a lot of people, me included, are not afraid of a zombie apocalypse but would welcome it. You know, just a little twist on a Monday morning to set your week off to a good start.

  • Mario Belvedere

    Hell yeah. You can actually get away with murder! Agh hahahahahaa!

  • William Fred Ball

    Funny, those who have witnessed the real world’s equivalent seldom seem to be so joyous at the prospect of seeing it again. It’s the smell if anything else.

  • Paige Topinka

    Maybe not considered post apocalyptic, depends on the veiwers opinion but I am a big fan of “Cult Films”. The original Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 followed by Army of Darkness. Sam Raimi is crazy and shows in these classics! Who doesn’t like a little humor to break up the monotony of apocalyptic films? Oh and Bruce Campbell completely nailed the role. The remake “Evil Dead” wasn’t bad either. Raimi and Campbell produced the 2013 remake but in a much darker manor vrs the the original with a twist! Enjoy! “Klaatu Barada Nikto”.

  • Kellie Hottot-Motyka

    I enjoyed that one too