HATER Competition time!

Yes I know… I’ve gone quiet on you again. That’s largely because I’m trying to get three novels finished before the end of October (see my recent update here).

I realised that I hadn’t mentioned the campaign recently started by a few of Moody’s Survivors to give Hollywood a hint and see if we can’t get the HATER movie moving forward (there are positive signs, but a little push wouldn’t hurt…). There’s a Facebook page here which I’d love for you to like and share if you feel so inclined. HBackSmall So the position is this: the movie rights were recently re-optioned by Mark Johnson and Guillermo del Toro et al, and J A Bayona (who was previously attached to direct) has mentioned the project a couple of times in recent interviews in connection with his excellent movie, THE IMPOSSIBLE. With THE WALKING DEAD continuing to do great business and with the WORLD WAR Z movie taking everybody by surprise and being a huge hit this summer, a lot of you seem to think – and, of course, I completely agree – that the time is right for the HATER film.

Hopefully I’ll have some more concrete news for you in the very near future. In the meantime, I thought it would be good to run a competition to keep the project in the public eye. All you have to do is design a HATER-themed T-shirt to promote either the books, the film, or the campaign to get the movie made.

Either post your design on Facebook or email it to davidmoody@djmoody.co.uk by the end of October. By that time I’ll have employed a top-notch judging panel (I’m looking at you, Survivors!) who I’ll ask to pick a winner. As well as receiving a few signed books and other odds and ends, the winner will also have their design printed up and made available for sale via the Infected Bookstore.

Let’s join together and spread The Hate!

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  • Nicola Low

    This would be an EPIC movie! Nuff said!

  • Dave Bell

    and the Autumn series, I have to read them over and over cos no other apocalypse books come close.

  • Jason Green

    Autumn is a movie Dave Bell. Yes, a great production of Hater would be AWESOME !

  • Jakkar

    With my beloved Hater shirt folded up neat and safe (for I’m largely unable to wear white, it frightens me), I cannot help but feel it’ll be a tough job to beat the original design.
    I wish everyone inspiration and good fortune in production.

  • Latonya Harris

    there’s about to be a movie? Awesome!!!

  • Stephen Holloway

    I was reading recently about the guy who wrote robopocalypse! Spielbergs company bought the rights to his debut novel, but that was years ago! It can take a long long time to be put to celluloid! Its like ridley Scott I think has had 25 years to ,make blood meridian by cormac McCarthy! Scandalous

  • Michelle Krogh


  • Andrew Berry

    I would welcome a film adaptation of Hater, but please make sure it’s better than Autumn.

  • Lee Reeves

    I’m thinking a HBO series would do this series of books justice!

  • Heather LaRee


  • JeannineDeBellis

    It’s David Moody’s Hater Movie Page on Facebook.  Please like it and let’s get this movie made.  :)

  • Derek Bartlett

    Will do!

  • Monica Jaime

    Working on my design now :D

  • Jeannine DeBellis

    Like the FB page “David Moody’s Hate Movie Page” Your right, David, this is the perfect time.

  • Jeannine DeBellis

    “Hater” movie page. sorry

  • Malc Foy

    I’m up for the movie though I’d have loved to have seen an HBO-esque mini series treatment.

  • Richard Robinson

    This definitely needs to be made into a film. An Under the Dome type series would be good too :)

  • Kyrie Elyse

    i would lose my mind if there’s a movie! the book is amazing!

  • DavidShires

    How did I miss this … starting work on a few now

  • DavidShires I thought you’d been suspiciously quiet, DNS!