AUTUMN: AFTERMATH – limited edition hardcover

Autumn: Aftermath (Gollancz, 2012)After a series of unavoidable delays, I’m delighted to be able to announce that the long-overdue limited edition hardcover edition of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH is about to become a reality. The ink is drying on the contracts, and pre-orders will be opening on Monday 9 December. All those folks who’ve registered their interest will be contacted directly on Monday, and a further announcement will appear here on Until then, here’s a brief summary of the important points:

  • the book will be published by Infected Books in arrangement with Gollancz
  • it’ll exactly match the look and feel of the previous Gollancz AUTUMN hardcovers (the same printers are being used)
  • it’s envisaged that the book will now be published in late January 2014
  • it’ll cost £20 plus postage, though there will be a loyalty bonus/discount of 10% for those folks who’ve bought the Infected Books hardcover of AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION (see below)
  • everyone who pre-orders before 10 January 2014 will have their name included in a special thank you section in the book, exclusive to this edition

Again, huge apologies for the long delays in making this book a reality and rounding out the series for those of you who’ve been collecting the UK hardcovers. Thank you for your patience and support.

* you can pick up a discounted copy of THE HUMAN CONDITION from by clicking here.

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  • Landon Buckelew

    You’ve just made my day!

  • Volker Schönenberger

    Great news! Looking forward to, but I guess I have to wait until beginning of January before being able to order. Won’t be too late I presume. Before the 10th in order to get me mentioned would be nice.

  • John Clark

    Brilliant, as Landon says, made my day !

  • David Moody

    No problem, Volker. EVERYONE who pre-orders before 10th January 2014 will have their name in the book!

  • Rodrigo Seccon

    I want a version in portuguese, please o/

  • David Moody

    I’d love that too, Rodrigo! If you know of any Portuguese publishers who are interested in zombie novels, point them in my direction! (By the way… Hater is available in Portuguese – not sure if you know:

  • Rodrigo Seccon

    I´ve already finished this one, the title was Hater… and i´ve started Dog Blood in english but my reading is still slow

  • Andre Thompson

    The endings of your stories make me want to drink. I keep reading them, mind you, but they still make me want to drink!