AUTUMN: AFTERMATH limited edition – pre-orders now open

As promised in my last post, you can now pre-order the Infected Books/Gollancz hardcover edition of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH. Do so before 10 January and your name will be included in a special section of the book.

Click here to pre-order, and let me know if you have any issues/questions/problems with the system. Many thanks!

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  • asilapple

    davidjmoody does this include the ebook?

  • davidjmoody

    asilapple unfortunately not – I don’t have the ebook distribution rights to Aftermath.

  • asilapple

    davidjmoody its ok i will buy then when they come out

  • Matjaz Rojc

    Ordered :)

  • Volker Schönenberger

    Done! I enjoy supporting a gifted author via a small press limited edition.

  • Ren_Gaming

    davidjmoody thanks for the email David. Both ordered with a request for the wifes name to be in there…
    Brownie points….

  • davidjmoody

    Ren_Gaming saw your tweet after I’d emailed. Let me know exactly what you want in there when you get chance. Cheers for ordering!

  • Bryan Hetherington

    Cant wait, order placed!