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Three days to go…

You’re probably sick of hearing me banging on about this by now, but I want to make sure everyone has chance to get hold of the (very) limited edition hardcover of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH which will be released at the end of January.

Pre-orders will stay open until release, but if you place your order before midnight (UK time) 10 January, your name will be included in a special thanks section of the book. Click here to secure your copy.

As I’ve said before, I’m releasing this book primarily for those folks who were collecting the UK hardcover editions from Gollancz and who were left in the lurch when Aftermath was released as paperback only. As such, numbers are going to be very, very limited. I expect to only have somewhere in the region of 150 copies printed.

I’m not planning to make any money from this. In fact, right now I’m looking at making a healthy loss! To try and mitigate my financial pain, I’ve cleared out my shelves and am selling a number of very rare advance uncorrected proofs. These are bare-bones paperback editions of my books which were produced by Thomas Dunne Books ahead of release. Find out more by visiting www.infectedbooks.co.uk or clicking the image immediately below.

And as a New Year treat for 2014, anyone who shops at www.infectedbooks.co.uk this week can help themselves to a 10% discount on their order (even on the rare proofs I just mentioned). Simply quote code ZOMBIE2014 at checkout (original, eh?!).

djmoody :

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  • Tried to order this from Amazon when Aftermath was released. Never knew it had never made it to a hardcover release. Now I know! Just bought the bundle here! Can't wait!

  • I can't seem to buy the autumn collection e book, there is no Canada selection under country, only uk, Australia and India.

  • Hi Wes. I'm afraid the Autumn Collection isn't available in the US or Canada. It's released by Gollancz, the UK publishers. I don't know if Amazon will let you shop at .co.uk, or if you can 'fool' any other online stores into thinking you're elsewhere...

  • Cheers David, enjoyed the Autumn series for many years since first buying the Infected paperbacks. It was great to see the series get a wider release along with the Hater trilogy. Good luck for the future!