Happy Birthday HATER!

Hater (Thomas Dunne Books, 2009)It’s hard to believe, but it’s five years today since HATER was re-released by Thomas Dunne Books in the US and Gollancz here in the UK. It’s no exaggeration to say that little book changed my life. Before its release I’d been doing fairly well for myself publishing the first three AUTUMN books through Infected Books and I’d been planning to expand. I launched HATER with the intention of kick-starting a new series, but I had no idea what would happen next.

Within a couple of months, with less than a thousand copies having been sold, I was approached about the film rights. That deal went on to see Guillermo del Toro, J A Bayona (director of The Impossible and the forthcoming World War Z 2) and Mark Johnson (producer of Breaking Bad, amongst other things) involved with my book, and led to the HATER series being picked up for publication in many countries around the world.

So please join me in saying Happy Birthday HATER! If you haven’t read the book, visit www.thehatertrilogy.com to find out more. And here, for old time’s sake, is a viral video released by Thomas Dunne to support the original release.

And no – I don’t have any news about the movie (I’ll update here if I do). But yes – one way or another I’m determined there WILL be a HATER film eventually!


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  • Paul M. Feeney

    Yay! Happy birthday :-D

  • Bryan Hetherington

    First Moody book i read, classic.

  • Rob Carless

    Happy birthday Dave. Keep on writing mate

  • Mark Stevens

    Happy birthday “HATER” , a classic.

  • Joe Wayne Barnes

    Hmmmmm. Movie anytime soon?

  • Andrew Scott

    First David Moody, book I read too, Happy Birthday, Hater, excellent book.

  • Jon Berntson

    If I had a boat load of money, this would be the film I would produce. I have spent so much time thinking about how graphic this movie could be.

  • Karen Switzerland Doig

    My first too, loved all three, and the Autumn series , happy birthday Hater xx

  • Richard Mountfort

    Brilliant series happy birthday haters

  • Paul DiGiorgio

    I jus finished the second Autumn book, absolutely loved it! Can’t wait to read more.

  • Mario Ulibarri

    Great series!

  • Tara Jarrett

    I love this book! I’m ready to read it again.

  • Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews

    Congratulations, 5 years. I found this trilogy last year and ate it up!

  • Denium Goodell

    Great series!!!!!