They’ve arrived… (and they’re on their way)

Welcome to my office, which became noticeably smaller yesterday following the delivery (at long last) of the limited hardcover edition of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH, published by Infected Books in collaboration with Gollancz.


Nine hours (yes, really) of signing and packing and the whole lot was delivered to a very understanding chap at the post office late last night. All orders have now been dispatched, and I wanted to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone who pre-ordered the book for their support and their patience.


As you can see, the full set of UK hardcovers looks great. It’s satisfying to see all the books together (albeit almost a year and a half later than planned). There are a handful of copies of this extremely limited edition available. If you want one, you can pick one up from or ebay.

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  • Holly Hurricanez

    Still my fav author!

  • Josh Wilson

    Just finished Aftermath, couldnt put it down for probably the last 250 pages.

  • Karen Switzerland Doig

    I’ll be on eBay in the mornimg first thing, need to have hardback to go with the others :-D

  • Mark Stalker

    Can’t wait for the postie!

  • Ryan J. Fleming

    Page 156 is my favourite bit.

  • Paul M. Feeney

    Where can we get them from?

  • Paul M. Feeney

    Never mind, just ordered it :-D

  • Karen Samways

    Took me 5 hours to read Autumn Aftermath! :)

  • Areesa Willie

    On my wish list for sure!