Straight to You is one month old – celebratory price cuts all round!

Straight to You coverI’ve been bowled over with the response to the new version of STRAIGHT TO YOU. Sales have been strong, and folks have been really positive with their words. To celebrate, until March 21 you can pick up signed copies of STRAIGHT TO YOU, TRUST and AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION at a 10% discount from And don’t forget, complementary ebook versions are included with all those titles.

Alternatively, you could try and win a copy of the new book. There’s a giveaway running over at SCREAM MAGAZINE!

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  • Larry Rothrock

    just got mine in the mail from Amazon yesterday. cant wait to start it , sir!

  • Kyle Wells

    Just bought mine from infected book just now loved the hater series am reading trust right you David moody are definitely my favorite writer keep writing love your work

  • Mark ‘Ren’ Renyard

    Great story again David. Could not put it down!

  • Teresa Dowson

    I just finished this at 1 m this morning. (Started it on Sunday after I had finished Trust this first book I read on the kindle I got on my birthday Friday!)… To say this was a page turner is not enough! I now rate this as one of the best books I have EVER read. So well written. So atmospheric and exciting and had me close to tears at moments. It was an irritation to put this down to deal with real life!
    What a great read!!

  • David Moody

    Teresa – so pleased you enjoyed the book so much. Thank you. Hope you had a great birthday and I look forward to filling your kindle with more apocalyptic doom and gloom for many years to come!

  • Teresa Dowson

    Haha! I look forward to many more! I have just downloaded Autumn human condition and then in going to have to move on till your next offering!! Trust was fantastic too; I love a real sci fi story altho aliens scare me more than anything – which I blame on too much Jeff Wayne’s war of the worlds at an impressionable age!
    Keep em coming I say!!

  • David Moody

    Tell me about it! The missus and I went to the theatre last night (makes us sound far more sophisticated than we are) as she had a schoolgirl crush on David Essex and he was in a play locally. Forget the drama of the play… his voice just reminded me of when he played the Artillery Man on the Jeff Wayne record. Scared the heck out of me back then…! Might have to dig it out and listen to it as I write this morning!

  • Teresa Dowson

    Good luck with that; I can’t have it playing when I’m on my own in the house!!