Want to be a character in The Spaces Between?

TSB logoIn the past I’ve held several competitions where folks could win the chance to appear in forthcoming novels. Most notably, Keiran Cope won a charity auction to be in the final AUTUMN novel and have his own AUTUMN short story (which you can read here). And way, way back in 2008, The Swimmer was based on a lovely lady called Joanna Milne who won a contest to become a featured zombie in AUTUMN: DISINTEGRATION. Just below you can see Keiran in character (as immortalized by the mighty Craig Paton) and, next to him, The Swimmer (as sculpted by the equally mighty Patrick Crilley).

I think another contest is long overdue.

As you know I’m in the middle of writing the first part of a new four book horror/science-fiction series, THE SPACES BETWEEN. I’m offering FIVE people the chance to appear as characters in the books.

One randomly selected winner will:

  • Have a key character who appears in all four novels in the series named after them.
  • They’ll also receive a framed illustration of themselves depicted in a key scene from the first book.
  • And they’ll also get signed first editions of each book in the series as and when they’re released.

Four randomly selected runners-up will:

  • Have a supporting character named after them in one of the books (one book per winner).
  • They’ll also received signed first editions of each book in the series as and when they’re released.

So what do you have to do? It’s very simple. Visit this page where you’ll find all the necessary information. Good luck!

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  • Kieran Smyth

    That’s a great prize!

  • Kelly Blackman

    This would be amazing!

  • Tammy Grice

    I would love this!! What a great idea :-D fingers crossed

  • Tammy Grice

    Laura the link is the grey writing after the contest info x

  • David Moody
  • Laura Steel

    Thank you x

  • Laura Steel

    Done :-) x

  • Jami Sroka

    I might need to break down and get a Twatter

  • Max Brallier

    hell yeah i do

  • Ryan James Butler

    I”ve got my fingers crossed!!!

  • Wayne Eccy Dixon

    Done and done

  • Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews

    Will I die a horribly gruesome death?

  • David Moody

    Over 100 entries in 24 hours. Blimey. Thanks people. Keeping spreading the word (while I keep writing the books…!)