The Cost of Living

I know I’ve been quiet again recently – much going on, not all writing-related. Anyway, I’m very pleased today to announce a surprise release. I’ve gone back to zombies and the end of the world for THE COST OF LIVING – an ebook-only novella (hopefully the first of many) which is now available from Amazon worldwide for $1.99 (links below).

I combined everything I’ve learnt about writing apocalyptic zombie stories with everything I’ve learnt about creating real, believable characters, and I’m thrilled with the result.



The world is dying. An abhorrent epidemic is sweeping the globe, destroying everything it touches. Contact with even a single drop of contaminated blood or saliva is enough to spread the disease. Within hours even the healthiest people are transformed into hideous, germ-spewing creatures. They hunt out the uninfected in their tens of thousands, their sole purpose to continue spreading the infection.

On a recently-built housing development on the outskirts of a large city, one man will stop at nothing to protect his family from the coming storm. Stuart has been one step ahead of the game from the beginning. His garage is stocked high with supplies, the doors and windows of his home fortified, weapons held ready in case of attack.

With each passing minute, there are more infected surrounding the house. With each passing minute, Stuart and his family have less food and water available. Some time very soon, the balance will shift.

But Stuart won’t stop give up on his family, no matter what the cost.

Enormous thanks to my good pal David Shires of for the cover art. More about David coming soon!

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  • Catie Troy Kenneally

    Just bought it!! I can’t wait to start it!!!

  • Calum Chalmers

    Awesome! Ah mate, thank you so much

  • Glenn Atkinson

    Wow sounds great! on kindle?

  • Kerry Spiller Loughrey

    Oh my god!!!!

  • Kerry Spiller Loughrey

    Oh……now I’m gutted. I have no kindle :-(

  • Jimi Belshaw

    Just bought it. Cant wait to get home from work and read

  • John Hodgert

    looking good count me in :)

  • Kerry Spiller Loughrey

    Hello! I have a Galaxy S4, which has a ‘Play Books’ app – but could download a kindle app! never even thought of that – I’m going to check it now x

  • Kerry Spiller Loughrey

    Brilliant! I now have a kindle on my phone, and have downloaded it. Also, found a cheeky copy of Inheritance by Joe McKinney has appeared on it too! Happy now :-)

  • Sue Rundle-Hughes

    Ooo, that looks really good! :)

  • Norm Tnc

    Wow, what a great surprise. Thank you

  • Stevie Kopas

    Picking this up!

  • Natalie Kizzy Hannah Ellis

    What a welcome surprise after a tiring day. I can’t wait to read this later. Thank you :)

  • Jeannine DeBellis

    Bought it, now I know what I will be reading on this rainy weekend. :)

  • Eva Neils

    hope it would translate in german soon !!

  • Charity Dobing

    Just purchased! So excited to read some thing of yours again!

  • Jay Cooper


  • Christopher Salazar

    I just saw this. I’m excited buying it right now!

  • Mikko Koo

    Found Autumn series about 2 months ago, and fell in love.
    Read every book from you so far.
    Good stuff.
    Greetings from Finland.

  • Tammy Robertson

    Will be uploaded to my kindle shortly :)

  • Cathy Northcott


  • Laura Simpkins

    Just bought on my kindle!! Woop!

  • Cameron Shepherd

    Already got it lol.

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  • Zombie Shop

    We think a little bit of wee just came out!

  • Bryan Babin

    Can’t wait. HATER rocked!

  • Lisa Rockman Forlow


  • Michael Hell

    Oh. Jackpot!!

  • Elizabeth Kay

    Brilliant. Just got it….and off to read right away!

  • Alicia Mahaffy

    Bought a copy! Thanks for making my night!

  • David Moody

    Thanks Mikko!

  • David Moody

    I hope so too. Eva!

  • Elizabeth Kay

    And finished…wonderful tale (in a very frightening way). I left a comment on one of the reviews.

  • Mary Moody Clark

    Can’t wait for it in print!

  • Craig DiLouie

    Congrats, David! Got it yesterday, can’t wait to read it.