The Cost of Living – a couple of questions answered

CostofLivingFirst of all, thanks to everyone who already downloaded a copy of THE COST OF LIVING. I’ve been blown away by the book’s popularity. It’s been sitting at number #3 on the Survival Horror charts pretty much since release, and that’s amazing.

I’m regularly being asked the same couple of questions about the availability of the book, so I thought I should post the answers here.

First, can I get an ePub version (Nook, iBook etc.)?
Technically, no – I’ve restricted this release to Amazon to take advantage of their promotional tools. But… if you desperately want an alternative version, please buy the Kindle book, then send me a copy of your receipt and I’ll email an ePub version back to you asap.

Second, can I get THE COST OF LIVING in print?
Not yet, but here’s my plan. TCOL is about half the length of one of my novels, and I don’t think a print edition would be economical. My plan, however, is to repeat this later in the year with the release of another similar-length novella, then to bundle the two stories together in a single paperback.

I hope this all makes sense. As always, get in touch if you need more information.

And finally…

Just one last bit of clarification. I’m only closing the Infected Bookstore, not the Infected Books publishing business. Apologies if I confused/alarmed anyone. If you were thinking of making a purchase from the rare book sale I’ve been holding this week, I’d get in fast. There’s not a lot left! Click here for more information.

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  • Richard Mountfort

    Shame I won’t be giving my cash to Amazon dodging corporate machine

  • Lorna Finegan

    Just over half way through and thoroughly enjoying it, so will read when I’m finished :-)

  • Stevie Kopas

    Downloaded on release day, can’t wait to start reading soon!

  • Marcus Blakeston

    The epub thing — it’s not infested with DRM restrictions, so you can easily convert it with Calibre.

  • David Moody

    You’re right. That’s all I did. Just trying to make it easy for folk.

  • Alexander Erz-Gehölz

    I got the kindle version and downloaded the kindle application to my PC, so I’m reading, and enjoying, TCOL on it. Still, it’s great to know you are planing to publish it along with another story!!!

  • Fabian Minor

    David Moody is the best!

  • Kelly Guest

    Thank you for sharing the progression of your story. It was a great read!