The Spaces Between competition

I know things have been quiet around here for a while… all that will be changing shortly (promise). In the meantime, a quick reminder that you’ve now got just two weeks left to enter my competition to appear as a character in THE SPACES BETWEEN. Follow me on social media, sign up for the monthly newsletter, write a review, buy a signed book… there are loads of ways to enter, and entries (of which there have already been almost 2000) close at midnight on 31st July. Visit this page for all the details.

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And if you did fancy picking up a signed book, pop along to and use code 10%thanks to grab yourself a 10% discount on everything.

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  • Alun Holdaway

    done ??

  • Rebecca Rumbold

    How do I enter?

  • David Moody

    All explained here, Rebecca:

  • Rebecca Rumbold

    All done thank you

  • Rochelle Smith

    Yay!!! I want this so bad!!! I’m a huge fan and would just about die if I win!! I even reshared your message! :)

  • Robin Beatty-Hillier


  • Tobias Veil

    I swear if this is the dinosaur apocalypse novel and a Tobias isn’t it in….I’ll…..I’ll….I’ll buy it on Kindle

  • Brian Sheehan

    Done and done , if there’s a trip to the zoo I’m there

  • Gerard Kelleher

    Done :-) don’t ban me just because I prefer the original version of Straight to You lol

  • Bahnana XombieCrossed Hazard

    I bought a book of yours! Does that mean im.enteresredrfed?

  • StephanieHancock1

    So I follow you on FB and I just bought a signed book of Them or Us. So can I be entered too? It would help me sell copies of it at the indie bookstore I work at. ;)

  • David Moody

    Banned. (Kidding)

  • David Moody

    It does!

  • Yes StephanieHancock1 – you’re entered! I love Indie bookstores!

  • Lisa Marshall

    Me please! :-)

  • Marc Weyland Yutani Raygun

    UM YES….obviously

  • Tammy Grice

    I’m so excited by this, this would be awesome!!

  • JeannineDeBellis

    I have purchased and read both Autumn and Hater series, in hard cover from Amazon, received a signed Straight to You from you, just finished reading Cost of Living, am a Moody’s Survivors, on a FB page to bug Del Toro to make Hater, and am your number 1 fan :)  So let me know what else I need to do to get entered.  :P  Feeling LUCKY!!

  • Nothing else needs to be done JeannineDeBellis – all your efforts have been recorded and the requisite number of entries made in your name!

  • Teresa Dowson


  • Susan Austin

    Pick me …. Pick me … :) Huge fan, Love your work and ….would be extremely honoured if selected !!

  • Susan Austin

    Ps. Shared as already a follower

  • Matthew Smallwood

    I liked your page now lets get to brass tacks because there isn’t a name kewler for a character than Matthew Smallwood.

  • Sharni SlingthatKid Dale

    This is just so awesome! If I won I’d just die … And return to life (of course) as a flesh hungry ghoul :)

  • John Hodgert

    think i’ve bought all your books to date signed etc been to your chat in Edinburgh gimme a shout i’m up for it :)

  • Sue Creamer

    yes yes yes!! would love it!

  • Volker Schönenberger

    Well, I didn’t follow you on Twitter and Google+ yet, so I got two entries now.
    Sharing or tweeting the competition is tricky, because it raises the opponents for getting the mention. Maybe I’ll review the German editions of your autumn novels on