The Girl in the Basement

GirlintheBasementI’ve a surprise Infected Books release to tell you about today – but it’s not something I’ve written. Instead, I’m delighted to welcome Wayne Simmons to the Infected Books fold with his nasty little ebook short: THE GIRL IN THE BASEMENT.

If you’re a regular here, you’ll know Wayne and I go way back. You’ll also know that I’ve a number of plans in place to dramatically expand the reach of my Infected empire (books now, films next…), and this is part of those plans. This release came about as a result of endless hours spent travelling between events, discussing publishing as a whole and our own takes on the ongoing (and, frankly, boring as hell) traditional versus independent publishing debate.

I really think you’ll enjoy THE GIRL IN THE BASEMENT. It’s a horrible little tale of a girl held against her will by a captor whose sanity is less than certain… You can read more about the story at the Infected Books site here, and the book can be purchased for a paltry 99c/77p via any of these links: Kindle / iBooks / Nook / Smashwords / Kobo. The excellent cover art is by Sion Smith of Skin Deep Magazine fame.

And why today to unleash this little monstrosity on the world? Why, because it’s Wayne’s 40th. Please join me in wishing Mr Simmons a very happy, horror-filled birthday!

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  • WayneEccyDixon

    I’ll add this to the ever expanding list of ‘to reads’. Happy birthday Wayne.

  • JeannineDeBellis

    Happy BIrthday Wayne!!  My birthday present to you is off to Kindle to get a copy of The Girl in the Basement!!

  • Andy Simpson

    Bought a copy from amazon 77p great price. Thanks for the recommendation

  • Pippa Shaw

    i dont want to read it, i know its going to make me double triple check doors and windows at night – but with those reviews………..I bet i’ve read it by bedtime!!!

  • Nevin E. Adams

    done – thanks for the heads up/tip…

  • Clay Vincent Collins

    Good stuff!