Exclusive competition – one day left to enter

You’ve got just over twenty-four hours left to enter the SPACES BETWEEN competition. Remind yourself of all the details by clicking this link.

Just to recap, if you want a chance of having a character in a forthcoming novel named after you, all you have to do is:

There have been a huge number of entries so far (almost 2,500 amazingly). The competition closes after midnight UK time on 31st July, and the winners’ names will be announced shortly thereafter. Good luck!

Oh, and I said there would be one main winner (who appears in all four books in THE SPACES BETWEEN series) and four runners up, but it transpires there may be even more of you being immortalised in print in the near future. Watch this space…!

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  • Glenn Atkinson

    Surely the bridge meets quartermass meets blade runner is how they pitched bagpuss?

  • Tammy Grice

    Omg my fingers are so crossed, can’t wait…even if it’s not me who wins, someone is in for an awesome prize :-D

  • Neil Bowler

    Which ‘The Bridge’ – Iain Banks?

  • David Moody

    No – the Swedish/Danish ‘Nordic Noir’ TV series… It’ll make seen when you read it!