Cast your minds back a few years, and some of you might remember ISOLATION – a short film project I announced along with Will Wright but which, for various reasons, never made it to screen (though I hope it still might). I’m pleased to announce the release of an adaptation of my original screenplay. You can pre-order it now, and it’ll be available to download from tomorrow (20th).

ISOLATION (which also includes four additional zombie short stories – two of which were previously unpublished) is a companion novella to THE COST OF LIVING. There are no connections between the stories, but they’ll appear together in a combined print edition later this year. Here’s the ISOLATION blurb:

IsolationKeith’s in his early twenties. No girlfriend, no hobbies, no future. He spends his days working in an office and his evenings, weekends and just about all his free time looking after his alcoholic dad.

And then the zombie apocalypse changes everything.

Suddenly Keith’s free. For the first time in a long time, he’s got nothing to worry about (apart from several hundred thousand reanimated corpses heading his way).

But then he meets Anna, and everything changes again. Cocky, cool, confident… she’s everything Keith isn’t. Holed-up together in an isolated bungalow, besieged by the living dead, will they survive, or will they tear each other apart before the dead can get anywhere near?

Download ISOLATION for the paltry sum of $2.99/£1.99 from AMAZON.COM | AMAZON.CO.UK | AMAZON.DE | AMAZON.ES | AMAZON.IT | AMAZON.CA | AMAZON.COM.AU

Cover art is again by the brilliant David Shires and, as with THE COST OF LIVING, I’m experimenting with Amazon exclusivity for now. If you want the ePub version of the book, simply buy the Kindle edition, then send me a copy of your receipt and I’ll email an ePub version back to you asap.

I’m very proud of this one. I hope you enjoy it.

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  • Sebastian Bonino

    I will try to buy them now David. Big fun from Uruguay.

  • Peter McCloskey

    Aw hell yeah! I will be purchasing.

  • Bill Weaver

    Hey David…any Nook?.

  • Amy Sarfinchan

    Done! :D

  • David Moody

    I’m experimenting with Amazon exclusivity at the moment (I don’t like it, but I’m trying to make the most of the stranglehold they have on ebooks at the moment). I have an ePub version available for Nook. Check the link at the end of the blog post and drop me a line…

  • Wp Leftyboy

    I got to have these on paper David Moody

  • Bill Weaver

    Thanks…your work is great…

  • Marcus Blakeston

    Your forgot the VAT, if you want it to be £1.99 you need to set the price at £1.93

  • Andy Simpson

    Pre-Ordered it, will get it tomorrow, Thanks for the info Dave

  • Lorna Finegan

    Great! Seriously need another job to pay for all these books coming out at the moment!

  • Margaret Chapman Green

    Why you’re last

  • Brad Guyer

    Wait……..I can download from the future??? ;-)

  • Mark Stalker

    Roll on tomorrow!!

  • KingJames1369

    Just pre-ordered Isolation, and bought The Cost of Living through Amazon.  Are you offering ePub version as well?

  • Kerry Spiller

    Brilliant!! Thanks David! X

  • Neil Lole


  • David Moody

    Coming soon

  • Kellie Motyka

    Already ordered but I do not like that it’s your last zombie book for awhile :-( will you still be writing and if so what type of books?

  • Amanda Douglas Hjortshoej

    What about an audible version?

  • John Aspinall

    Just pre-ordered from Amazon

  • Mark Scholl


  • Carla Stanley

    I can’t wait to read it!!

  • Faiz Mazlan

    My fingertips are tingling. Big fan from Malaysia!

  • Karen Pamela Smith

    How about Kobo? I love your books!

  • Alexander Erz-Gehölz

    So, at the end of the year there wil be an actual book with Isolatuon, The Cost of Living… and the other four stories?

  • Kathrin Hupe

    Awesome! :)

  • David Moody

    That’s right, Alexander. Hopefully early October.

  • David Moody

    Working on it, Amanda

  • David Moody

    I will definitely still be writing, Kellie. I just think it’s time to give zombies a rest. I hope to have a new novel called STRANGERS out in November… there’s an element of vampires to that one. It’s very nasty. After that… well, I don’t yet know how to fully describe THE SPACES BETWEEN. It’s going to be a heck of a series!

  • David Moody

    Just taking a break from the living dead for a while, Margaret. I’ve got plenty of other horrors to explore…!

  • David Moody

    I haven’t forgotten Kobo, Karen! I just answered a similar question, so please forgive the cut and paste which follows:
    I’m experimenting with Amazon exclusivity at the moment (I don’t like it, but I’m trying to make the most of the stranglehold they have on ebooks at the moment). I have an ePub version available for iBooks/Kobo/Nook. Check the link at the end of the blog post and drop me a line…

  • Kellie Motyka

    Well as long as you’ll still be writing :-) your work is great and I look forward to your other upcoming projects.

  • Taši Koser

    Hope it will be in paper version too.

  • Alexander Erz-Gehölz

    Thanks David!!!
    That’s great!!!! :) Even if I got The Cost of Living for kindle and try to read it on the computer I am far too “old school” and love a real book in my hands!

  • David Moody

    It will soon Taši!

  • Nuria Gonzalez Notario

    Da mieeeedo

  • Debbie Martin

    YAY!! A series! Can’t wait for that David!

  • OrianaElise

    davidjmoody Thank you.

  • Rebekah Bennetch

    Yay! Excited to read more of you on your journey as a writer.