What’s THE DEAL? Free David Moody story up for grabs

You can get hold of a free and previously unpublished short story – THE DEAL – simply by signing up for my mailing list. A story of perverts and hit-men and contract killings, it’s available in Kindle, pdf and ePub formats, exclusively for newsletter subscribers. Fill in the following form and download details will be sent to you within the hour.

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  • Species Amused

    Subscriber, love your writing long time. Ta.

  • sergiowrites

    davidjmoody Done!

  • Mark ‘Wally’ Wall

    Says link not found when clicking on that, Dave.

  • David Moody

    When clicking on what?

  • Mark ‘Wally’ Wall

    May just be me being a divvy. Hope you’re well mate.

  • David Moody

    I am, thanks. Hope all’s good with you and yours. Getting any sleep?

  • Mark ‘Wally’ Wall

    Haha. Getting a little. Got the wee one asleep on my chest now. Daren’t move, in case she wakes up.

  • Lisa Marshall

    Can’t seem to download for my kindle :-(

  • David Moody

    I’ll send a copy to you

  • Stella Frost

    I read it the day I got your email Mr Moody. Great short story with an excellent twist ending. Kept me completely hooked. Could we have more please. Thanx for doing what you do. Oh btw you never sent me an address to send the zombie figure I made of you :)

  • Lisa Marshall

    The pdf worked, thank you :-D