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This post is really just a convoluted way of asking a pretty direct question, so please bear with me…

Summer’s definitely over now, and I’ve been looking back at some of the movies I managed to get to see. Without a doubt, DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES was the film I was looking forward to seeing most and, surprisingly, I thought it almost completely delivered.

It’ll serve little purpose if I review the movie this late in the day because I expect you’ve either a). already seen it and made up your own minds, or b). you’ve heard enough about it to know whether you want to see it or not. To summarise, though, it’s a technically stunning film with some great performances, an intense storyline, superb action scenes, and some of the most realistic animation you’re likely to see in a long time. I highly recommend it.

I’ve long been a fan of the APES movies. I’ve seen the original films countless number of times, and I’ve even managed to make it all the way through the abominable Tim Burton remake more than once. I was thinking about why I love the Apes concept so much when it struck me: it’s the same central conceit as zombies, isn’t it? Replace the apes with the undead, and you’ve got a very similar set-up. The apes are just another in a long line of variations on us versus them, and these movies work so well because of the increasingly thin line which separates one side from the other.

In fact, when I left the cinema after seeing DAWN, I couldn’t help thinking about HATER. With HATER, you could argue the only real difference between one side and the other is perspective. They’re pretty much otherwise indistinguishable from one another (unless you are a Hater, of course…).

Incredibly, it’s now seven long years since the HATER movie rights were first acquired, and although the cameras almost rolled back in 2009, there’s been very little movement on the project since then. But that might be about to change. I can’t say much at the moment (there’s not actually very much to say), but some positive initial discussions have been taking place with a view to getting HATER on the big screen.

So all this rambling finally leads me to my question. Seven years is a long time… do you still want to see a HATER movie? If so, what are your hopes and fears for the project? Personally, I think there’s never been a better time (as the success of our ape friends has illustrated), but what do you think? I’d really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to let me know.

And as soon as I have any definite news, I’ll post it here.

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  • Totally get where you're coming from, StephanieHancock1 I'm definitely with you on the no teen idols aspect!

  • Hater series is top of my list of books i have enjoyed, i would love to see a film version, however it would have far less appeal to me if it was filmed anywhere but England as it would not have the same feel a book did. I suppose in a way i want that feeling i had watching the original 28 days later, no other zombie-esq movie gave me that feeling, only the 80s triffids tv series and possibly the 1970s Survivors series has come close. I agree with Stephanie in that Del Toro does give it some peace of mind, but for me only if its filmed in England. Then i would be REALLY excited about it.

  • This would be a great movie and franchise but I hope they don't make a movie just to make a movie, hence autumn movie

  • I'm in complete agreement, KingDongo Again, I can't say anything at the moment, but keep your fingers crossed as discussions are ongoing.

  • Thanks to everyone for the positive comments. If/when I have any news, I'll let you know what's happening. One thing's for sure, there's definitely still an audience for Hater! Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to comment.

  • I love this book, and the entire trilogy. I believe I've seen you mention a few times you've thought of Simon Pegg as the lead, but perhaps it would be more resonant in today's world to have it be a Naveen Andrews or Colin Salmon as Danny.