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Win rare AUTUMN goodies

Thanks to those of you who’ve already pre-ordered LAST OF THE LIVING. I wanted to try and tempt a few more of you in…

I mentioned in my last post that everyone who pre-orders will be entered into a draw to win an original AUTUMN manuscript. This is a truly one-of-a-kind prize, and I thought I’d give you a better look at what’s up for grabs.

In my introduction to the new paperback, I talk about hunting through my notes and finding drafts of AUTUMN from as far back as 1997. This is that draft: 400 pages of yellowing A4 paper. The writing’s clunky and rough as hell, and the book needed many more drafts and severe editing before I released it into the wild in 2001, but it’s still recognisably AUTUMN.

Along with the manuscript, I’m also throwing in a one-off ‘Spread the Infection’ T-shirt (who’s been here long enough to remember theinfected.co.uk?), and a rare copy of the original Infected Books release of AUTUMN. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning all of this is pre-order LAST OF THE LIVING before 20 October.

Click here to do so!

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  • davidjmoody Is this another add on to the Autumn series??? I've just discovered it a month or two ago &LOVED the 1st in the series :)

  • Might just do it. Still a bit of time. By the way: I own the complete editions of the original four black AUTUMN releases. Very nice paperbacks - out of print and sought after. If you ever have a book tour to Hamburg, please announce, so I may get a signature from you.

  • wickked_s Glad you liked the first AUTUMN book. LAST OF THE LIVING is a collection of all my non-Autumn zombie stories. Hope you like!