Last Chance!

A friendly reminder… You only have until midnight Monday to enter the LAST OF THE LIVING competition where the prize is an original AUTUMN manuscript from 1997. Simply order LAST OF THE LIVING directly from Infected Books to enter (and please be quick… initial supplies are starting to run very low). There’s free and immediate shipping in the UK, and you can get a £2 discount if you enter the name of Keith’s (from ISOLATION) manager at the checkout. The winner of the manuscript (and other prizes) will be announced early next week. Until then, have a great weekend!


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  • Paul Lackner

    Will this offer be available on Kindle, David Moody?

  • David Moody

    Paul – this release is a compilation of two existing Kindle releases: The Cost of Living and Isolation. More details can be found here:

  • Paul Lackner

    Yeah, the reason I was asking is I have both on the Kindle and I just finished “Isolation”. I noticed there are a few short stories following and if I remember correctly “Last of the Living” is supposed to also contain all of your zombie short stories from the past. Are there any in “Last of the Living” that ARE NOT included at the end of “Isolation”? I love your zombie stuff and don’t want to miss any of it :) By the way, “Straight to You” was awesome.

  • David Moody

    Great to hear you enjoyed Straight to You, Paul. The answer to your question is no – there’s nothing in Last of the Living which isn’t in Cost of Living and Isolation – it’s literally a compilation of the two Kindle releases.

  • Jonathan Echevarria

    I entered last week! =)

  • Alison Mcgregor

    Just ordered it and can’t wait for it too arrive. Love your work you are one of my favourite authors. :)