Last of the Living – out today

I know I’ve been banging on about it for weeks, but LAST OF THE LIVING is officially released today. Containing two novellas and a host of zombie short stories, it’s my last word (for a while, anyway) on the living dead.

Pick up a signed copy direct from Infected Books, ebay, or (free shipping for all UK orders from Infected Books and ebay).

You can also get the book from: AMAZON.COM / AMAZON.CO.UK / B&N / Waterstones / Book Depository


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  • David Duplessis

    Finished reading it yesterday! Excellent stories as always!! I really enjoyed reading all 3 versions of ‘Cost of Living’. All of the stories had terrific pacing, characterization, and that ability to get under my skin. Thanks!

  • Jose Cantu

    Sounds great. Will definately be reading this soon. Great work in all of your writings.

  • Jamie Crawley

    Say it isn’t so!!!! Dude I love your zombie novels!!!

  • Adrian Shotbolt

    Cost of living, one of my fav books this year! Loved it

  • Allan Jensen

    No Kindle version?

  • Geoffrey Henman

    Been reading ‘Cost of Living’ for about a week (I am a slow reader or just really tired when reading in bed!). Superbly paced, written and formatted. You should be very proud :-) But be careful, reading these books can have an adverse effect on your appearance!

  • Garrett Montoya

    Out as in I can pick it up at Hastings out?

  • Kathy Prest

    Yesssssss, I’m so excited! Thank you for writing such amazing books!

  • Alexander Erz-Gehölz

    Not for sale at bookdepository? I’ve got all your other books from them

  • David Moody

    Should be listed there shortly, Alexander. I’m not sure why there’s been a delay.

  • David Moody

    Thanks Geoffrey. Looking good there!

  • David Moody

    Should be available there soon, Garrett, though I think you’ll have to ask them to order it in.

  • David Moody

    Allan – this is a compilation paperback edition of two previously Kindle only releases – The Cost of Living and Isolation

  • Alexander Erz-Gehölz

    Thanks David! I hope it won’t take long

  • Alexander Erz-Gehölz

    They’ve aleady got it at bookdepositiry and I already ordered it!
    Thanks David!