Wayne Simmons and Infected Books

I’m really pleased to announce that my good friend and long-time co=conspirator WAYNE SIMMONS has officially joined Infected Books with responsibility for promotion and marketing of the growing IB catalogue. Read the full story on the Infected Books site.

Wayne and friends

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  • David R Shires

    Oh dear … you do know what you have done don’t you ;)

  • Clare Allington

    Spread that infection :)


    davidjmoody infectedbks Or hell… But either way, very excited!

  • Wayne Simmons

    THRILLED to be part of the Infected Books machine!

  • Rich Coad

    Really must get a Coventry event up asap

  • Wayne Simmons

    The last one was our favourite event together to date, Rich. So definitely! :)

  • Rich Coad

    Great :)

  • Clare Allington

    Yes do!

  • Adam Pulman

    Epic win for all!