They’re here, they’re beautiful, and they’re shipping this week

I’ve just taken delivery of a huge consignment of copies of STRANGERS. Pre-orders will be dispatched over the course of the next few days (bear with me… that’s a lot of signing and sending – pre-order volumes have taken me by surprise and I’m very grateful to all those who placed orders).

Want a signed copy? Click the picture or follow this link, and you can be sure of having a doom-laden slice of Scottish-tinged horror well in advance of Christmas!

Strangers here

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  • David R Shires

    Oh I cannot wait although I downloaded the ebook this is one I want to read in dead tree format!!!

  • Drew Cook

    One of them will be for me. Cant wait.

  • Mat Soole

    Can’t wait to get mine!!!

  • Kerry Spiller Loughrey

    Mine arrived today!! That’s my weekend taken care of!! Thanks David xx