Time for an update

Hello. I hate not posting here regularly, but there are times when it’s unavoidable. Now is most definitely one of those times. I’ve truly never been busier, though you’d be hard pushed to know given the gap between posts on this site. That’s not likely to change in the next few months, but I think some kind of update is long overdue.

Last weekend I finished writing KAI, a middle-grade novel. I say finished… what I mean by that is I got the book into good enough shape to be able to fire it over to my agent for his feedback, and I’m now waiting nervously for him to get back to me. I’m keeping the story close to my chest. For now I’ll describe it as a weird hybrid of ET and Godzilla, and I’ll leave it at that.

Next week I start a new novel – the first book in the SPACES BETWEEN series (at long last). It was called TOMMY, but it’s now been re-named ELYSIAN FIELDS. I’m in the habit of teasing future projects by referring to their influences, so how does Blade Runner by way of Breaking Bad by way of Nordic Noir with more than a touch of Quatermass sound?

I’ve managed to catch up with Wayne Simmons a couple of times recently, and we’ve been busily plotting and planning the future of Infected Books. We have a few IB releases scheduled between now and the end of this year, but much of our time has been spent working on something massive for 2016. That’s the whole of 2016.

It’s funny – there are some books which never seem to want to go away. That’s a good thing, I think. One of those books is HATER, and it’s been occupying a lot of my time again recently. I have a meeting scheduled for later this week. I can’t say too much just yet, but for those of you who’ve given up hope of ever seeing HATER on the big screen, don’t. More news as and when I’m allowed to share.

And a quick question to whet your appetites/ test the water… going back to HATER again has given me the spark of an idea for a (non-Danny McCoyne) standalone HATER novel. It’s almost four years since THEM OR US hit the shelves, so is that something you’d still be interested in reading?

Original HATER artwork by Tomislav Tikulin 2009

Original HATER artwork by Tomislav Tikulin 2009

So that about sums up what I’ve been doing in the first four months of 2015. It’s heads down again now, but please do keep checking back. I have plenty of film and book recommendations planned, the return of WHAT WORKS FOR ME, guest posts and much more. And if you want the scoop on any of the projects I’ve just mentioned, this is where you’ll get it!

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  • oldmanrayner

    davidjmoody great news, Dave! More Hater fiction would be welcomed!!!

  • David R Shires

    Hell yeah I want a Hater universe novel!!!!

  • Neil Lole

    I will always read anything Hater related.

  • nysteve15

    Would love to reenter the hater world.

  • Richard Mountfort

    Would be very interested in reading other survivors story’s .

  • Jay Cooper

    This fills me with joy. U0001f600

  • Ed Chambers

    Would definitely read a new Hater book!

  • Ian McDonald

    Another Hater book PLEASE, David!!!

  • Adrian Smith

    Hater all the way David.

  • Mi Kr

    Be more amazing if instead of a movie you made hater into a TV series. It would fit in with alit of what’s been going on and yet be different enough to catch bored eyes.

  • Jack O’Hare

    I appreciate that artwork, I hadn’t seen it before. It feels somehow wrong to have so little… variety/intensity in the subjects or guards, but the grimmer, more staid take on the setting can work. I don’t think I could paint something around Hater that didn’t put a little spark into the characters, a little… Hate, a little fear.

  • Andy Ralston

    So glad to see some projects coming down the pike. I’m having some major Moody withdrawal!
    A Hater stand alone would be awesome!

  • Em Stuart

    Id LOVE a Hater stand alone book. Maybe something that looks into the in answered questions?

  • David Moody

    I have several pieces of Hater art by Tikulin. You’re right, they’ve never been properly exploited. I will correct that shortly…

  • Fennesz

    I cannot express enough how much I would love more in the Hater world. Everybody needs more hate from time to time!

  • John Hodgert

    Hater or Autumn

  • MatthewBrothers

    I have not given up on seeing Hater come to the big screen. I’ll admit though, the wait has been long. Keep us posted x

  • James Nelson

    This update makes me happy.

  • JeannineDeBellis

    What can I say great news!  Okay, you know that I love Danny but I would love a stand alone.  Just a little nudge as to what happens with the children would be awesome.  I often wonder what they would become and how would they continue on without becoming totally feral. We always hear that the children are our future. If there is no one left to tell you no when you are beating the shit out of someone…..what is the future.  Anyway, great news David and Good Luck to you!!!!

  • Thanks JeannineDeBellis

  • It’s been far too long MatthewBrothers It’ll be worth it, though. Looking forward to sharing the developments in the near future.

  • You’re absolutely right, Fennesz We’re due a little more Hate, I think…