Spotted in Dublin…

Spotted in #Dublin - have they already heard the massive #Hater news coming soon?

Has someone already heard the massive HATER news coming in the next few weeks? (Thanks for Peter McClean for the photo)

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  • Soylent Green


  • Adam Holyoake

    Or new book

  • Jon Berntson

    If this is finally, FINALLY being made into a film, I will be so happy.

  • John Hodgert

    if it’s not a film i’m going in a huff U0001f602

  • Aaron Rayner

    You can’t tease us like that… Or can you!

  • Kellie Motyka

    Oh yeah! So excited

  • Jay Cooper

    It’s got to be the film. Please be the film!!!

  • Brandon Fowler

    Can’t wait!!

  • Carl Crass Levesque

    A film or the part 4… I m exited

  • Alan Wordley

    Re make Autumn with a decent cast and budget !

  • Lisa Harrold

    Yes! Autumn should be remade. Such a shame that one of the BEST zombie books was reflected in such a terribly made movie….

  • Stephen Holloway

    Whatever it is! It will be exciting

  • David Moody

    Well that’s not the news I’ve got, but it’s something I am working on (though it’ll be several years before anything happens, I think).

  • Ryan J. Fleming

    Is it a musical?

  • Susan Austin

    Nice. …can’t wait to hear !!!!

  • Zombie Shop

    Very excited and hoping for the best!

  • Alan Wordley

    I certainly think Autumn in the right hands could smash the abortion that World War Z became, as a movie that had little or no resemblance to the original novel.

  • Ashleigh Jane DeeDee Stubberfield

    Just started re-reading this book again! One of my favourite book series ever! Would almost pee myself with joy if a movie was on its way!! ??

  • Damian Robson

    Don’t tease us Moody! If it’s what we’re thinking…we’ve waited long enough.

  • Mat Hendey

    Please keep dexter in it

  • Mat Hendey

    If it’s a film, I want a part in it. Please