Dog Blood

Dog Blood (Gollancz, 2010)I know I’m being really annoying at the moment, and I apologise. I want to talk, but I can’t. I also can’t help wanting to torment you a little more…

Hard to believe, but DOG BLOOD was five years old this week.

DOG BLOOD was the first novel I wrote under contract, and that meant it was the first book not to have been published through Infected Books first. As a result, writing it was a very different experience. Previously I’d worked in isolation; now I found myself crafting the book under the auspices of two different editors – one in London and one in New York, both with different approaches. It took longer to finish the novel than expected, but the end result was a story I was (and still am) hugely proud of.

The book picks up a couple of months after the end of HATER. Here’s the synopsis:

The world has suffered a catastrophe of unknown cause, dividing humankind into two: the Haters and the Unchanged. Each group believes the other to be the enemy; each group is fighting for survival. Only by working together can the enemy – whoever that enemy is – be defeated. There are no other choices.

Danny McCoyne has managed to break free, and after days of indiscriminate fighting and killing, he is determined to make his way home, to recalim the only thing of any value to him in this strange new world: his daughter Ellis. Unlike his wife and son, Ellis is like him, and he knows, in his heart of hearts, that she is not dead. His dearest wish is for Ellis to be fighting for the world at his side – but Danny soon discovers his daughter is worth far more than just another fighting body. Others like him have discovered that children are absolutely vital to the cause. They are strong, small, fast, and they have no inhibitions. They are pure Haters…

And today’s unnecessary tease… ever wondered what happened in the months between HATER and DOG BLOOD? Ever wondered how things got so bad so quickly in the Unchanged refugee camp? Ever wondered who was really in control there?

I have.

More soon.

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  • Lisa Harrold

    Ive read Hater – brilliant book. But don’t have Dog Blood……Yet…..this has given me motivation to jump online and buy a hard copy today! (I’m perhaps one of few who still value holding paper in my hands!).

  • David Corrales

    I was reading dog blood after ai picked it up at my city’s library but my parents made me return it because they were frightened of the cover. I’ll get to reading the series soon. The covers look promising.

  • Mat Hendey

    I actually read this one first by mistake. Read the trilogy now. Had never heard of David moody until then. I was hooked. Have now read everything he has released on paper!

  • Brian Allen

    Man up David , if they think the the cover is frightening ,wait until you read the book anyway start with Hater and all David Moody’s books are great reads.

  • Heath Smith

    just finished it

  • Nick Wilson

    I loved this book.

  • Claire Fanson

    I remember reading this, I got it from my local library, it was the best, freshest thing I’d read in ages and I couldn’t put it down!