More HATER graffiti spotted…

Surely this must mean the HATER news I teased last month is coming soon?*


*It is. Not much longer to wait now.

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  • Ashleigh Jane DeeDee Stubberfield

    I’m really excited!! Come on! I recently re-read the series and forgot how much I love it! Definitely in my top 3 favourite book series.

  • Arron Constante

    Re-reading the autumn series now for the third time next up the Haters again! Alright, David Moody, we are ready for more! ??

  • Damian Robson

    Depends on your definition of pain. Discomfort or mild distress may be more apt. Enough secrets Moody. Why you gotta be so mysterious??

  • Richard Taylor

    Stay in your homes, remain calm, await further broadcasts……

  • Maddie Hendren

    Just now seeing this. I can’t imagine another book… the final one ended perfectly in my opinion. One can only hope that it is FINALLY movie news! I’ve been pitching this book to everyone who will listen for years. Can’t wait to see it on the big screen. ;)

  • David Moody

    Thanks Maddie. Not long now and I’ll be able to make the announcement. Or announcements…