Another sighting – HATER news imminent

I was in #Greece this weekend and spotted this. Have the Greeks already heard the #Hater news? I'll be sharing very soon. The ink's dry. The first announcement is imminent

I was in Greece this weekend and spotted this scrawled on a wall. Does this mean the long-teased HATER news is imminent?

Yes it is. The deal is signed and the ink is dry. An official announcement will be made here next week (I hope) and who knows – there may even be a second piece of HATER news to follow.

Thanks for your patience. More very soon. Things are about to get exciting.

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  • John Clark

    haters the musical?

  • Brandon Fowler

    Movie!? Please!!!!

  • Ashleigh Jane DeeDee Stubberfield

    If this isn’t an announcement for a Hater movie I will cry into my copy of Hater.U0001f62d

  • Michael Lomas

    Hater: the animated series.

  • Laura Simpkins


  • Natalie Kizzy Hannah Ellis

    I’m overexcited about this :)

  • Stephen Holloway

    Brilliant David Moody I look forward! I hope you watched the 10 part series called CORDON on bbc4 about Antwerp being cordened off because of a deadly virus?

  • Joel Gherardini

    Hater was one of the best horror/suspense books I’ve ever read! I hope this is a movie!

  • Rich Coad

    Liking forward to the news

  • Neil Buchanan

    A TV series would do the series justice.

  • Ashleigh Jane DeeDee Stubberfield

    Hurry up I’ve been waiting so long U0001f62dU0001f62dU0001f62dU0001f62d