There’s more to zombies than the Walking Dead…

Thank you for recommending #Autumn #waterstones #merryhill

Thanks to the staff at Waterstones Merry Hill for their kind words (and equally kind pimping) of AUTUMN. Much appreciated!

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  • Jamie ‘Jig’ Tuffen

    Best Zombie Novels ever!

  • Destiny Longtine

    Well deserved good sir!

  • Kev Roberts

    I Agree Well Deserved All Of Moody Books Are Brilliant Cannot Get Enough

  • Peter McCloskey

    My all time favourite book!

  • Neil Lole

    This is my second favourite book after the Hater series….or is it….shit…I can’t decide….

  • Laurie Wain

    I agree, it is the best living dead novel.

  • Christine Mailloux

    As much as I love the walking dead, I will always hold Autumn above the rest. Congrats David, it is truly the best an so are you :)

  • Tammy Grice

    Awesome compliment and well deserved. I can’t stop recommending your books

  • Izzisaurus Rexx

    Yes! Years later still my most treasured book series. They hold a special spot right in the middle of the top shelf(and in my heart)

  • Mobeous Beckwith

    Love them, the best portrayal of the putrid decay and stench in the zombie genre.

  • Areesa Willie

    You deserve this David Moody!!

  • Susan Austin

    Me neither ….Its a Tie U0001f609

  • Leon DuPont

    Loved both Autumn & Hater series!

  • Nicola Slesser Low

    Reading Straight to You at the minute. Absolutely loving it!

  • Garrett Montoya

    Congratulations on the success, I agree with the waterstones, I can read your books over and over..such a well made world to get lost in. Autumn & Hater #1

  • Dan Urciuoli

    Autumn is hands down my favorite zombie apocalypse story. I love anything with zombies and with a lot of good books/movies out there, Autumn is king of the hill

  • Eva Krebsbach

    The best ones ever