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It’s Horror Week on Goodreads…

Hanging out with the people of Lowestoft. At Horror in the East with @neen_uk

…and I’m one of the authors answering questions. Alan Moore, Clive Barker, Justin Cronin, Brian Keene, Scott Sigler – click here to see the list of horror authors taking part.

The HATER movie, the new HATER books, AUTUMN, STRANGERS, THE SPACES BETWEEN – this is your chance to ask me anything (within reason). Click here and ask away. I’ll be answering throughout the week.

djmoody :

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  • Autumn, needs to be a series/mini series, can it happen and can I be a dead dude that gets finished in a truly graphic fashion? U0001f600

  • Is there any other information you can share re: the Hater movie? Specifically - is there any hope that it's not going to get stuck in limbo like it has so many times in the past?
    Also, I would like to echo Gerald Simpkins question about possible new Hater material

  • Not a question but if you ever in Queensland Australia I would be honored to show you around U0001f60a

  • An Autumn mini-series is my dream project. I'm drawing up plans (honest) and am talking about it to anyone who'll listens. And yes, if it happens, you can be a dead dude.

  • It is, Gerald. I'm writing book four at the moment. It's a new story - not a continuation of Danny McCoyne's story. But there may be overlaps...

  • Just answered Gerald... yes it's true. As far as movies go, you never know until the film's in the can. I can tell you, however, that I'm working with a great producer who's very enthusiastic about the project, and the script is written.

  • Brilliant U0001f60a ....& hopefully what you see will inspire you to write yet another "End of World" masterpiece ...Australian themed U0001f44d