Remember that time I said I was finished with zombies (and I was very wrong)

Remember that time I said I was finished with #zombies (and I was very wrong)

Hate to keep teasing announcements, but as well as THE FRONT (coming soon from me, Craig DiLouie and Tim Long), we’re getting ready to announce a MASSIVE Infected Books zombie event for 2016.

By the way, I’ve been beavering away behind the scenes here, and I missed an anniversary. It’s five years last month since Thomas Dunne Books released AUTUMN. The picture above was taken by me in Barnes & Noble on E 17th Street, New York, on the day of release back in 2010. I still find it hard to believe that my little zombie story – which started out as a free pdf I used to email to folks in the pre-ebook days of the turn of the century – turned into such a monster. Five novels, a short story collection, a movie, a radio adaptation… there’s clearly still a lot of love for the undead.

So let’s have some more.

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  • Zombie Shop

    This makes us very happy! :)

  • Marlin Brown

    Excellent news friend…!!!

  • David Duplessis

    Looking forward to it!

  • Susan Austin

    Just made My Day ???????

  • Shawn Burdette

    Is this directly connected to the Autumn series?

  • Petra Hammer


  • Petra Hammer

    Zombies will never be done with you David and I’m happy about it.

  • Beans Mcgee

    This made my day…

  • Paul McDonald

    Good. You do it extremely well. Enough for me to push your books on any friend that listens to me.

  • Adam Holyoake

    Never say never. Keep up the good work.

  • Eadle Gonzalez

    You r a great and wonderful. Writer especially for Zombie novels hope I can read more stories from you thank you.

  • Charmaine Frylinck-Geldenhuys

    I love all you books so never stop, i love zombies …..

  • David Moody

    No Shawn. Autumn is finished (unless I can get someone to finance the TV adaptation I’m desperate to make)