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The HATER movie is in good hands

Great to see Ed Barratt’s HOOK PICTURES listed as one of The Telegraph’s 50 most creative companies in England. Have faith, friends – the long-awaited HATER movie is in good hands!

djmoody :

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  • The Autumn movie should be remade. The books need a movie to do it justice and I'm afraid the movie was terrible. No offence, I just think the books have the potential to be box office hits.

  • Autumn the human condition. Dude work on plot development. I have never seen a more idiotic way to start a novel. This is the second book in my life that I started and could not finish. At least no trees were harmed in the production of this drivel.

  • What kind of idiots read your books. What would they think if they read something by a talented author? They actually made a movie of this travesty?

  • Do everyone a favor and put a table of contents in your books so we get a warning from the seventy-five character titled chapters. This has to be self published. It was free and I feel hopped.