Life and Death

You’ll see from the date of my last post that I’ve not been around for a while. There’s good reason for that. My dad was taken ill at the end of January and, just over a week ago, he passed away (it still feels unreal to type that). Life for my family and I has been on hold for the last month or so.

It’s funny – as a horror author I write about death a lot (heck, the first line of AUTUMN is ‘Billions died in less than twenty-four hours’), but no matter how much you think you’re prepared or how many times you go through it, you’re never quite ready for the tsunami of emotions you feel when you lose someone you love.

My old man had a hellish final month. There were scenes that wouldn’t have been out of place in one of my novels, and Dad even joked that he wanted a slice of the royalties if I based a story on what he’d been through. It was a rollercoaster ride: we laughed, we cried, we laughed some more, then we cried even more after that. He received exemplary care from our incredible NHS, and he died after spending his final hours surrounded by people he loved and who loved him dearly.

See you, Dad, and thanks for everything. You’ll be missed by many, many people and will never be forgotten.

At this point he’d tell me to stop moping and pull my finger out, so I will. Normal service will be resumed here shortly.

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  • Matty-Bob Cash

    Sorry for your loss dude, never an easy thing. Xx

  • Alan Wordley

    My condolences to you and your family.

  • Matthew Darst

    So very sorry for your loss, David. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  • AndrewBerry2

    So sorry for your loss David. Death strikes when you least expect it. I lost two great friends already this year both of whom were very fit and healthy. My motto is “Live for today, you don’t know what could happen tomorrow”

  • Clare Allington

    Much love to all of you xx

  • Ian Watters

    Condolences. Always a tough time when a loved one goes

  • Jonathan Wood

    Deepest condolences, David.

  • Claire Fanson

    Sorry to hear of your sad loss x

  • Kristine Ekle

    I’m sorry for your loss. I work in an inpatient hospice so I am glad you and your father were able to enjoy laughter along his journey.

  • Debbie Martin

    So very sorry to hear this David. Peace to you.

  • Drew Johnston

    Sorry for your loss David. :-(

  • Areesa Willie

    My condolences U0001f495

  • othellastanley

    He was obviously lucky to have a son who cared enough to be by his side, who would laugh and cry with him, too.  Peace be  yours.

  • JD Gillam

    Ah shit. Sorry for your loss mate. :(

  • Katlyn Lowe

    So sorry to hear. Peace to you and your family.

  • Jörgen Wyke

    My condolences to you, man

  • Paul Dorrington

    Sorry for your loss, David.

  • Sarah Mader Bennett

    Much love David.

  • GregorySolis

    I’m sorry David.  I lost my mom during the UK release of my first book and now care for my dad.  It’s difficult but I also realize it’s a privilege.  I hope you and your family are well.  Thank you for your friendship.