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Straight to You

Chapter 6 now up! Click here to read it. I know I’m biased, but I’d recommend catching up with this story sooner rather than later if you haven’t already. Things get very hot, very quickly over the next couple of weeks’ instalments…

djmoody :

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  • I must be on elf the very few people to have read the original, which I loved. Im guessing the ending is the same. One thing that irks me with the story though, the story is set in England but you use the term mom instead of mum, can I ask why?

  • Thank you for the comment TonyElia1 You raise an interesting point. I used to use 'mom' rather than 'mum' until I received a number of complaints (for want of a better word) of my use of the word in Straight to You. I did some investigation... It seems that whilst mum is more traditionally used in the UK, mom is used regularly in the Midlands and Black Country (where I live and where I grew up). You'll be pleased to hear I'm now a full-time mum user!
    Hope you enjoy this version of the book. It's far superior (in my humble opinion!)