SCRATCH – new David Moody novella out today

My turn. It’s YEAR OF THE ZOMBIE month 8. Summer holiday time. Sun, sea, sand, buckets and spades… and the living dead. It’s been far too long since I released anything, so I’m putting that right today. You can pick up SCRATCH right now from AMAZON.COM, AMAZON.CO.UKAMAZON.DE and others, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


They don’t want to kill you, they don’t want to eat your brains, they just want to infect you – one scratch and you’re history.

Jody’s up against it this morning. She’s stuck in a tent on her own with three kids in the middle of nowhere, and it’s the beginning of the end of the world. Her car’s on fumes, they’re miles from anywhere, and things are looking bleak.

It looks like there’s only one place left for Jody to go. Trouble is, it’s the last place on earth she wants to be. Impending armageddon and massive hordes of sick, undead creatures have nothing on the personal horrors she’ll have to face here.

Either way, she’s screwed. One scratch and it’s all over.

Get SCRATCH now from from AMAZON.COM.

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  • Tina Osborne

    Just bough it on my kindle. Can’t wait .Read all David Moody books. X

  • Katie McAlpine

    Finally!!! Thank you!!!Every time I go to Powells, I’m looking for more of your books!!
    I have them all!! Love your writing!

  • Cameron Shepherd

    Pimped you out to my zompoc group I’m a member of, hope you get loads of new fans.

  • Susan Pitcher-Paglia

    Just bought all 8 so far…why wasn’t this on my radar? Super stoked :)

  • Alan Wordley

    Bought and read the first few pages, hooked, but saving it for a holiday read.

  • JimiBelshaw

    Just finished this. Great fast paced read from start to finish. Love all David Moody’s work.