Halfway through Straight to You

I’m around halfway through the free serialisation of STRAIGHT TO YOU at WATTPAD. Just to remind you at this midpoint that I’m making the entire book free, chapter by chapter, culminating on 26 September 2016 – the twentieth anniversary of the original release of the novel.

In today’s instalment, Steven’s caught napping and he might have just lost his one remaining chance of getting to see Samantha again before the end of everything. Click here or on the image below to read it.


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  • Susan Pitcher-Paglia

    Bought the book in its entirety and devoured it. One of my favourites by you. Shouldn’t have read it during the current heatwave though, gave me nightmares. Can’t believe it was once less than stellar in your own opinion :)

  • David Moody

    The original version was very different and left a lot to be desired, believe me. Glad you enjoyed the book, Susan!

  • Tina Osborne

    Just read it excellent. Wish someone loved me that much.x