One year to go

H4dummyOne of the major differences between traditional and independent publishing is timescales. Indie publishers tend to have very short lead times between a book being finished and being released. Traditional publishers, on the other hand, do not. So bear that in mind as I tell you that ONE OF US WILL BE DEAD BY MORNING, the fourth HATER novel, will be released by Thomas Dunne Books on 17 August 2017 (ie one year yesterday). I’ll share more details as soon as I’m able. There’s lots of HATER stuff going on behind the scenes. Lots of HATER stuff.

I know it’s going to be a long wait. Keep yourself busy by reading the free STRAIGHT TO YOU serialisation on WATTPAD. The second of this week’s chapters has just gone live.

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  • John Blackshaw

    Hell yeah! Chino Woods

  • Mike Smith

    This made my day I didn’t think there was gonna be another book in the series

  • Ashleigh Jane DeeDee Stubberfield

    Oh hell yeah!! Bit sad I have to wait a year before it’s released BUT this gives me another reason to re-read Hater (for about the millionth time)
    Genuinely one of my favourite book series. U0001f60d

  • Bryan Hetherington

    Joanne Norwood bit of a wait like

  • Matthew Gilman

    I’m excited the series is continuing, however I have never seen the third book in print in the states. Maybe that will change with the new publisher.

  • Kyle Lechner

    I didn’t even know a fourth installment was due? Are there preorders available? Any more word on the film?

  • Susan Austin

    Omg this has made my morning needed it !!!! Love your work you are Amazing U0001f60d Oh & my son David who doesnt read has agreed to start on this Series U0001f44d

  • Jonathan Yandura

    Guranjan Aulakh oh shit

  • Steve Garcia

    I got my copy at a book store bro. Also its like 11 bucks on amazon

  • James Nelson

    Hell yes! I finished Them Or Us many years ago. Can’t wait for a 4th installment.

  • Alecia Holthaus

    It’s hard to find. I had to order mine as well.

  • Timothy Burnhill

    Still waiting for the 3rd Hater book in german U0001f622

  • Mike Battaglia

    WHAT!!! I Remember when I finished the 3rd one back in 2013. I thought it was over… lol

  • Sarah Mader Bennett

    I got mine off Amazon too.

  • Roxanne Duty

    I got mine in Nook format

  • Jane Alice

    I found mine at a public library!! they didn’t have the other 2 tho

  • Stephanie Hill

    Awesome! Very excited. Hoe to see a movie about the series soon! Simon Pegg to star? In my mind he would be perfect!

  • Matthew Gilman

    Jane Alice I had the opposite problem

  • Amanda Jordan

    Ahhhhhh, so excited now!! Definitely cannot wait!

  • Cynthia Ayers

    Got all 3 at Barnes and Noble.

  • Paige Isabel

    Barnes and Noble. They had to order mine in but they can get it.

  • Christine Mailloux

    I have been holding onto book 3 for a long time now without reading it. I do not like when a series ends, it makes me sad lol so hearing that book 4 is coming, that makes me happy. A good incentive to read it all finally. Thank you

  • Brian Cardona-nieves

    I got mine at Barnes and nobles when it came out. Suck a great series

  • Kellie Motyka

    O M G !!!!! I’m so excited!!!!

  • Stephanie René Hancock

    The used indie bookstore I work for in california carries it new.

  • Lucy Jenkinson

    Oh my god so excited!! Gives me time to finish the Autumn series U0001f602

  • Jay Cooper

    Nice work! Looking forward to getting stuck in again.

  • Khemrak Suon

    It’s my favorite serie, so it’s really a great news thx !

  • Giovanni Cambranes

    I love the Great work David moody

  • Billy Reese

    Nothing quite like owning them all physical. Because Haters was one of the best stories every written. Amongst many.