I cannot wait for you to read this. The beginning of the second HATER trilogy, which wraps neatly around the first. It’s out in August 2017 from Thomas Dunne Books, but it’s already popping up online. Pre-order from Amazon and The Book Depository.

One of Us Will be Dead by Morning by David Moody

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  • John Blackshaw

    Hell yeah! U0001f44dU0001f3fb

  • Amber Jane Wride

    I’m extremely excited!

  • Joe Hamilton

    So it’s a new series in the same universe?

  • Taši Koser

    David Moody this is such good news. I can hardly wait to read it.

  • Maddie Hendren Hernandez

    Jason Vinson What a great 30th Bday present from David Moody!

  • DavidShires

    Quick quick question are the pre orders for signed copies?

  • Jay Cooper

    Can’t. Bloody. Wait.

  • John Kassinger

    YES! So stoked!

  • John Clark

    Happy days, i just did a little dance

  • Shannon Taylor

    Fitting. For election day, LOL

  • Amy Sarfinchan

    :O A second HATER trilogy?!?! YAY!!!

  • David Moody

    Yes, Joe. But it’s very connected to the original books. All will be revealed.