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Year of the Zombie – out now

In 2016, Wayne Simmons and I curated YEAR OF THE ZOMBIE, which saw a host of zombie authors each contribute an original novella to a year long project. I’m pleased to announce that we’ve now collected the 12 stories together and made them available in a single volume. YEAR OF THE ZOMBIE is out NOW from Infected Books. The ebook – coming in at a massive 180,000 words – costs only $3.99. The paperback is a hefty 492 pages!

We recruited a star-studded line up of authors for the project.

Adam Baker (Outpost, Winter Raven) – Killchain
Rich Hawkins (The Last Plague, The Last Outpost) – The Plague Winter
Iain Rob Wright (The Final Winter, The Gates) – The Yacht
Mark Tufo (Zombie Fallout, Indian Hill) – Z-Hunt
Sean T Page (Zombie Survival Manual) – 1975
Matt Shaw (Sick B*Stards, Rotting Dead F*cks) – One of Them
Andre Duza (Jesus Freaks, Voodoo Child) – Ride the Serpentine
Gary Slaymaker – Geraint Wyn: Zombie Killer
James Plumb – Little Monster
Scott McGlasson – Nock
Some guy called David Moody – Scratch
And to round out the collection, Wayne and I collaborated on a seasonal gem – Last Christmas

I’m very proud of what the team and I put together, and I urge you to pick up a copy and check it out. Grab the ebook and paperback from Amazon today.


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