The HATER series

“A head, spinning thrill ride…” (Guillermo del Toro). Includes the novels HATER, DOG BLOOD and THEM OR US. A second HATER trilogy is currently being published and a movie adaptation is in active development. ONE OF US WILL BE DEAD BY MORNING the first book in the FINAL WAR trilogy, is now available. Book two, ALL ROADS END HERE, will be published in September 2018. For more information visit or click here for all HATER-related news.


A dark and dirty horror novel: a spate of brutal murders occur in and around the small town of Thussock. The bodies of the dead – savagely mutilated, unspeakably defiled – are piling up with terrifying speed. There are no apparent motives and no obvious connections between the victims, but the killings only began when Scott Griffiths and his family arrived in town…


A collection of novellas and short stories focusing on those who’ve survived the unthinkable. Some thrive while others disintegrate; some fight while others capitulate. But no matter how each individual survivor reacts, one thing is certain: nothing will ever be the same again. Includes the novellas THE COST OF LIVING (“A truly superb post-apocalyptic story” –DLS Reviews) and ISOLATION (“a must have for zombie lovers, people who love gore and violence and people who love stories with exceptional characterisation… not to be missed” –BookBloke) and more…

The AUTUMN series

A vicious, virulent disease kills more than 99% of the world’s population in a single day. Before the handful of survivors that remain can even begin to come to terms with what has happened, the disease strikes again, and all hell breaks loose. Six books, a movie, an audio adaptation and more than 100,000 words of free zombie fiction. Visit or click here for all AUTUMN-related news“Takes the genre in a fascinating new direction. If John Wyndham was alive and wrote zombie novels, they’d read like this.” –Jonathan Maberry, best-selling author of Patient Zero and Rot & Ruin.



A 12 month project I instigated to celebrate 15 years since the release of AUTUMN and 10 years since the founding of Infected Books. A host of great authors were involved (Adam Baker, Rich Hawkins, Iain Rob Wright, Mark Tufo, Matt Shaw and Wayne Simmons, to name but a few). Featured my novella SCRATCH and LAST CHRISTMAS, written with Wayne Simmons.


The sun is dying. The temperature around the world is rising by the hour with no sign of any respite. At this rate the planet will soon become uninhabitable; all life extinguished. It might be weeks away, it might be days… we may only have hours remaining. The burning world is descending into chaos. Steven Johnson’s wife is hundreds of miles away and all that matters is reaching her before the end. He has to act now, no time to stop and think. Every second is precious. Tomorrow is too late. Written in 1994, published in 1996, then re-written and re-published in 2014.


The most important event in human history takes place in the middle of nowhere. Perspectives are altered. Perceptions are changed. Nothing will ever be the same again. Is this a moment of deliverance for the human race, or the beginning of its end? Tom Winter thinks he knows, but if he’s right, then seven billion other people are wrong. Find out more at

Short stories and other works

'The Lucky Ones'more
'Almost Forever'more
'Casi Para Siempre'more
'Who We Used to Be'more
'Big Man'more