New interview

Mihai, owner of the very popular ‘Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews’ blog interviewed me recently. Click here to read the article.

On a similar note, loads more reviews and other odds and ends have also been added to the site. There’s a page of Hater-specific reviews here and more press cuttings here. If you look at the sidebar to the right (if you’re reading this on, you’ll also see three RSS feeds you can subscribe to to be automatically updated whenever new reviews, interviews and articles are posted.

Congratulations Permuted Press

Congratulations to my friends at Permuted Press who’ve announced a deal with Pocket Books (a division of Simon & Schuster) to release seven of their titles including ‘Day by Day Armageddon‘, ‘Down the Road‘ and ‘Plague of the Dead‘.

This is absolutely great news. Jacob Kier (owner of Permuted) and I started out around the same time and we first crossed paths when my story ‘Home’ appeared in the first Permuted title – ‘The Undead‘. For several years we ran reciprocal adverts for each other – I carried PP ads in my ‘Infected Books’, Jacob carried adverts for the ‘Autumn‘ books in PP titles.

I’m absolutely thrilled for him and all the authors involved because they’ve shown yet again how independent publishing can and does work. It’s fast becoming a viable alternative way to market for a lot of authors. In fact, my US publisher Thomas Dunne Books is now taking pre-orders for ‘John Dies at the End‘ – another book which was initially self-published on-line before being released by Permuted. Movie rights to the book have been sold to Don Coscarelli, director of ‘Bubba Ho-Tep‘ and the ‘Phantasm‘ films.

Congratulations again to Jacob and all the Permuted authors involved in this deal. I’m stoked for all of them!

Disappearing act

Apologies for my sudden disappearance and lack of updates last month. I had a few things to deal with and deadlines to hit etc. etc. etc.

Anyway, I’m back now and there will be plenty of updates in the coming days and weeks. Not least, a look at how this happened…


Yes, that’s the IMDB movie meter and yes, that’s the Autumn movie making a gain of 5000% in popularity and hitting the top 50 movies last month!

More to follow…

David Carradine

By now I’m sure you’ve already heard the tragic news that David Carradine was found dead in a Bangkok hotel room today.

Unfortunately I never met the man himself (I missed him by a few days when I visited the set of Autumn) but I’ve heard many great stories from the Renegade team. He was a total legend who leaves behind a vast legacy of film and TV work and he’ll be greatly missed. I grew up watching him in Kung-fu then, as I got older and my taste in movies developed, I got to know him again through his role in classics such as Death Race 2000, Q: The Winged Serpent and the Kill Bill films. Hell, we’ve even got one of his Tai Chi videos kicking around the house somewhere!

As a fanboy and horror movie geek, I’ll never forget the thrill when, just minutes after landing in Canada, I took a call from Steven Rumbelow (the Director of Autumn) telling me that Carradine had signed to play the part of Philip Evans in the movie. I know that most of you haven’t seen it yet, but I can assure you his appearance is a highlight of the film. To have a story you’ve written brought to the screen is cool enough. To have a character you created played by such an actor is something else entirely. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know how ‘unsettled’ and naive Philip is. Carradine got the character to a tee – a powerful, heartbreaking performance.

David Carradine as Philip

I offer my sincere condolences to his his family at this terrible time.


The French edition of HATER, RAGE, will be published by Milady on 5th June. They’ve put a great piece up about the book on their blog here.

And check out the cover! It’s more frightening than the book! At least I’ll have no problems proving I wrote it if ever I’m in France! Thanks to the team at SFX Magazine for giving their permission for the image to be used. You can order RAGE from now.

Unique HATER giveaway

I’ve been clearing out (more news on what else I’ve found later) and I’ve come across a few little gems hidden away. One of these ‘treasures’ is a mint condition copy of the original Infected Books paperback edition of HATER. For those who don’t know, the movie deal and the deal with Thomas Dunne Books came shortly after I originally released the book and very few copies of the Infected Books version were produced (no more than 1500, I think).

I’m giving the book away in conjunction with my friends over at the My Favourite Books blog. To enter, all you need to do is visit the site (click here) and send them an email before 31st May. Good luck!


A great interview has just gone live at Dogmatika. Click here to read it. Also, check the new issue of Deathray magazine for an excellent HATER review:

“It’s a bleak world view but one that transcends wallowing in self pity thanks to Moody’s intuitive characterisation. Make no mistake, this is humanity seen through a frighteningly dark lens, and while we may be unsettled by what we read, it’s the job of books such as this to make us confront the allure and repulsion of our taboos. Love it? Hate it? It really does not matter. Not to read it and not to have some form of opinion… Well, now that would be just hateful.”

Competition winners

The winners of the recent HATER / The Men They Couldn’t Hang competition were:

  • Mike Pocock from Kent
  • Simon Aston from Surrey
  • Louise White from Aylesbury

Congratulations! Your books signed by Swill from the band and I will be on their way to you shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered – we had hundreds of responses.

Watch out for another HATER giveaway very soon.

The AUTUMN movie

It’s getting closer! There’s lots going on behind-the-scenes and I’m really hopeful that before long we’ll have some news about when you can see the AUTUMN movie.

I’m pleased to announce that a special midnight showing of the film has been arranged at the Roxy Theatre in Saskatoon, Canada on 30th May. Follow this link for more information.

And to all those of you who can’t make it… watch this space. More news coming very soon!

The AUTUMN movie