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  • Steve Turnock

    Surprised to see ‘The Purge’ on this list. Personally, thought it was a giant pile.

  • David Moody

    So did I, Steve – I guess in that case the ‘recommendations’ label was misleading! I included it because I wanted to make a point:

  • Steve Turnock

    Very much agree with this post. ‘Call me Snake’

  • Joe Haley

    Can’t get Portrait of a Zombie in the U.S. I’ve been waiting years to see it…

  • Ryan J. Fleming

    And yet still no By Dawn’s Early Light… lol

  • Iain McKinnon


  • David Moody

    Watched it, enjoyed it… just not yet written it up!

  • James Jobling

    Is that the Day I see lurking down at the bottom? Really enjoyed that movie.

  • David Moody

    Very interesting movie. Took me a few years to track it down. Check out my interview with director Bing Bailey. He told me there will be a US DVD release in 2014.

  • Tracy Decker

    No 28 days later????

  • David Moody

    Joe – just found out the movie is now available in the US – renamed to ‘About a Zombie’:

  • James.E.Parsons

    Excellent idea, some greats there, plus a few I still need to see

  • David Moody

    It’s not an exhaustive list, Tracy – I’m adding to it all the time. Of course 28 Days Later will make an appearance!