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AUTUMN: AFTERMATH – first reviews are in!

Forgive me blowing my own trumpet for a moment… I’ve got several more posts and stories lined up before the release of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH on 13 March, but I just wanted to share a couple of really positive industry reviews the book has received.

Kirkus Reviews said: “While the earlier books in the series were more focused on adrenaline-pumping escapes from the undead, Moody always took time for character development, and it pays off here. His world is well rendered and well thought-out, and by taking the long view, Moody gets to try something new: asking what happens after the reanimated corpses are gone, when humans must decide whether, after all they’ve seen and experienced, merely surviving is enough. A fine study of the human race’s chances in a post-post-apocalyptic world.

And Booklist trump that by saying: “As demonstrated throughout his previous novels, readers should crown Moody king of the zombie horror novel, and his final book in the Autumn series adds a much-deserved jewel to his crown. Certainly, this is action-packed, with corpses attacking on every other page, but the novel truly succeeds when Moody slows down the action and looks at human nature in the face of utter annihilation.

As you can probably gather from the way I’m boasting, I’m thrilled with those responses! I can’t wait for you to get chance to read the final part of the AUTUMN story.

You can pre-order AFTERMATH from AMAZON, Barnes and Noble, and the Book Depository. The UK and German editions of the novel will follow later in 2012.


Let me briefly introduce you to Alan Jackson. Jackson made his first appearance in the original HUMAN CONDITION anthology (long-time readers will probably remember him more clearly when they read next week’s free short). He also plays a key role in the final AUTUMN book – AUTUMN: AFTERMATH – out next month.

Click here to visit and read a quick introduction to Jackson in his own words, then come back again next week to find out how this very focused and insular man deals with the discovery of another lone survivor and a school gym full of dead people!


With the US release of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH now just over a month away (UK and German releases to follow later in 2012) I thought it was about time I told you a little more about the book. I’ve deliberately not said too much, because this is a direct sequel to both PURIFICATION and DISINTEGRATION and it was important for everyone to have had chance to read the preceding books first.

So, to whet your appetites, here’s the blurb…

“It’s been almost one hundred days since a killer disease wiped out 99% of the population. Three months since the dead reanimated. Survivors are few and far between now, and those who remain stick together to give themselves the best possible chance of continuing to stay alive. They are the last of the living.

A band of refugees has taken shelter in a medieval castle – a fortress that has stood strong for hundreds of years. Besieged by the dead, they only emerge when it’s absolutely necessary. As autumn turns to winter, however, the balance of power slowly begins to shift.

The unexpected appearance of survivors from another group changes everything. They bring choice, and an alternative way of life which is a far cry from the world everyone has been forced to leave behind. Society as we know it has crumbled beyond repair and things will never be the same again. Some people are ready to embrace this change, others can’t let go of the past. The choice is divisive.

Are we entering mankind’s final days? In the aftermath of the disease, will the last survivors destroy each other, or will the dead destroy them all?”

Just to clear up any confusion, this is very definitely the final book in the AUTUMN timeline. There are a few more short stories to share, but is the last chapter in the series. And yes, in case you’re wondering, the ‘survivors from another group’ mentioned in the blurb are from the island of Cormansey…

Next week I’ll introduce you to one of the key characters from the book, and those of you who read THE HUMAN CONDITION first time around might remember him!

The AUTUMN artists – Dan Boucher

Continuing my series of articles featuring the fine folks who’ve contributed artwork to, here’s a long overdue piece on the great Dan Boucher – excellent artist, Flash guru, and founder of I recently talked to Dan about his techniques, philosophies and inspirations. But first, a quick reminder of his work. Dan’s the man behind the animated artwork for Duck and Cover which you might remember from last year. If not, click on the image below.

Duck and Cover - graphics and animation by Daniel Boucher

Dan recently gave the Hater website (www a lick of paint, turning an image of a Lowestoft housing estate (home to Danny McCoyne in THEM OR US) into a post-apocalyptic ruin. He has a talent for manipulating images, as can be seen from the before/after pictures below.

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Autumn: Disintegration now available (again!)

Apologies to those of you in the UK who’ve been waiting to get your hands on AUTUMN: DISINTEGRATION after the book initially sold out. I’m pleased to advise that it’s back in stock at Amazon and other retailers. I also have a small supply of signed copies available from

By the way, if you’re interested in signed foreign editions of the AUTUMN and HATER books, you can find some of those listed over at too.

Finally for today, thanks to my good friend and web guru Rich Grundy, I have a new tool for those trying to locate specific eBook editions of my books. Check it out below:


Pick the book you’re after, chose your country and the eBook platform you use, then press ‘Go’. Simple! You can find this widget at

AUTUMN: THE CITY – UK mass market paperback out today

2012 is certainly shaping up to be a busy year. Less than two weeks in and here’s another new book! Continuing their publication of the AUTUMN series in the UK, Gollancz are today releasing the mass market paperback edition of AUTUMN: THE CITY. It’s available from Amazon, Waterstones, The Book Depository, and all the other usual places.

By the way, apologies to those of you in the UK who’ve had trouble getting hold of AUTUMN: DISINTEGRATION since its release at the end of last month. I can’t help feeling a little smug about this – the book sold out! A new printing is underway, and I’ll post here again when it becomes available again. Sincere thanks to everyone who picked it up.

As always, you can find out more about the AUTUMN series over at There’ll be some new free fiction appearing there next week.

Ain’t It Cool News liked the AUTUMN movie

It was really great to see the AUTUMN movie featured over at Ain’t It Cool News recently.

“Rather than diving into flesh eating ghoul territory, Moody’s AUTUMN takes a more patient and scientific approach. In many ways, this is a thinking man’s zombie flick with some fun performances and decent effects… AUTUMN makes for a damn fine zombie experience… definitely worth seeking out for the geek in search of genuine scares and interesting takes on the sub-genre.”

As luck would have it, those of you in the UK can catch the movie on TV again in the early hours of Friday morning. It’s also available on DVD in various countries. Click here for more information.

Autumn: Disintegration released in the UK today

I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays. Here’s my last post for 2011, and it’s one that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

AUTUMN: DISINTEGRATION is, at long, long last, released in the UK today. I’ve already talked a lot about the book and the reasons for its numerous delays (click here for a reminder), so today I just want to concentrate on the positive news that the book is finally out. For a reminder of the plot of the new novel and to understand how it fits in with the rest of the AUTUMN books, click here.

A limited number of signed copies of the UK hardcover edition are now available from Infected Books. Click here for more details.

Thanks again for all your support throughout 2011. I’ll be back very early in 2012 with loads of good stuff. Until then, enjoy DISINTEGRATION and have a Happy New Year!

The Autumn artists – David Naughton-Shires

Earlier this week I showed you the sights of post-apocalyptic Lowestoft thanks to the artwork of David Naughton-Shires. Many of you will know that David also provided a number of pieces of art for I thought it was about time I featured him here and talked a little more about his work.

When the call for Autumn artwork first went out in Summer 2010, David was one of the first to respond. Within days he’d sent me illustrations for Brigid Culthorpe and Jacob Flynn, and even more art soon followed: Karen Chase, Jim Harper and my personal favourite, Office Politics (see below). David’s distinctive style is quite unlike the approaches taken by the other contributors to the site, and I think the mix of approaches works well.

Office Politics - illustration by David Naughton-Shires

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